Postcards from Greece

I’ve just got back from the beautiful island Kos in Greece. So, that was a huge joyful highlight. Although I missed my dog to an insane degree.

I’ll miss the warm days, eating my body weight in gyros and crepes. As well as consuming numerous bottles of Rose.

It was a bliss to lounge around with my audiobooks, I finally finished Matthew Perry’s ‘Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing’ and Matt Haig’s ‘The Comfort Book’ too. I also rather enjoyed playing tennis on the not so warm days.

Weather was in its 20’s most days, so, not overpoweringly hot and not super cold. Although you did need a jacket most evenings as it was a tad chilly by 7pm. Either way, I didn’t mind the temperatures, it was just nice to get away from rainy old England.

Where we stayed:

We stayed at the lovely Mitsis Selection Blue Domes in Kos, an all inclusive package we found on TUI, we never tend to opt for all inclusive as we love exploring. However, we did it for a change. They had 7 a la carte restaurants, a delightful gyros stand near the beach, an American styled take-away counter, a healthy counter and the main restaurant too.

The food was really good for the most part. I think I had one meal that I didn’t particularly like across the seven days. The Italian, pan asian and brunch a la carte restaurants were my faves of the bunch!

The hotel itself was huge! Just under 500 rooms at this resort. We stayed in one of the garden villa’s and it was rather lovely. I loved the decor, fairly modern neutral tones.

Below are some snapshots of the types of foods we had. I’m now eating a bit of fish every now and again, Joe is strictly veggie still.

Those pancakes at the a la carte brunch were incredible and I’m still dreaming of that baked feta at one of the other a la carte restaurants.

Final thoughts:

I’d love to go back, but explore different parts of Greece, the likes of Athens or Crete sound really appealing and look incredibly beautiful. Also, I’d maybe opt for half-board instead, so it would force us to go explore outside of the hotel.

I also want to make a start on my next adventure. I’ve gone off the idea of a solo holiday abroad, I love the idea of it, but I’m scared something terrible will happen if I go. Maybe I could do a small solo adventure in the UK for a few days. I just have no idea where to go! I haven’t been to Margate or Brighton in a long time, so maybe somewhere beachy? I’ve never been to Ireland, Wales or explored much of Scotland, besides Edinburgh. So, maybe one of those? Any suggestions would be fab!

Besides my possible UK solo hols, I do also love the idea of going to Rome or anywhere in Italy with someone. It’s been on my bucket-list for yonks. Lisbon in Portugal sounds amazing too. As well as France for the Olympics, but stupidly I’d left getting tickets too late.

Ah, and lastly, I’m also planning to go to Sweden for a friend’s Eurovision yearly tradition soon.

Anyway, enough of my dreamy adventure talk. I hope you enjoyed seeing some snapshots from Greece. Have you got any holidays lined up? I’d love to hear about them!


  1. Siobhán
    May 3, 2024 / 6:14 pm

    So nice to get away from the rain! I’ve been to Kos twice and love the Greek Islands in general! We’re going to Zakynthos in a few weeks – looking forward to some sun! You should try to get a trip to Italy in the diary. So glad you had a lovely holiday! x

    • zoey
      May 3, 2024 / 8:10 pm

      Zakynthos should be lovely – enjoy the sunshine! Will do – hoping to go Italy around August/September. Or sooner if we can. Going Sweden soon too. Thanks lovely. x

  2. May 5, 2024 / 11:16 am

    Your trip to Kos sounds absolutely dreamy! The Mitsis Selection Blue Domes resort seems like the perfect place to unwind and indulge. And your food snapshots have me drooling!! xx

    Lenne |

    • zoey
      May 8, 2024 / 12:31 pm

      Thanks Lenne! It was so lovely to get away. xx

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