Facts And Stories You May Not Know About Me…

I was actually thinking of doing a ‘Misconceptions Of Me’ type of post, but I think I will do that another day.

I don’t often talk about the weird but wonderful years of my life. The interesting people I’ve met or the extremely weird situations I’ve faced. Even some proud achievements. For some reason, I am feeling quite open today… these facts and stories may give you some context to the person or perception you may have of me.

If you’re into astrology and personality types, I’m an October born Scorpio, Chinese Earth Snake and INFJ. I found reading this quite interesting which outlines the Scorpio/INFJ personality.

Also it’s raining near enough all day today, so I am stuck indoors and I’m inspired to write today.

So here goes…

I’ve met some really interesting and clever people over the years. Who have made real impact in big tech and creative companies, such as Google, Facebook and Apple. Actually, I’m still friends with most of those people. And, well I’m very close to someone who is insanely clever and has an impact at one of those companies.

I randomly went to Kelly Smith’s (famous women’s footballer) birthday in Mahiki in Mayfair, London, when I was about 19, maybe younger. Because I knew her brother and my birthday is around the same time as hers, so I was there. I think I briefly met her at that club but it was nothing more than “Hi, nice to meet you, thank you for inviting me to this exclusive and private event of yours and HAPPY BIRTHDAY” Then I mentioned my birthday was on Halloween so I felt very lucky and grateful to be there. Love meeting fellow Scorpio’s that are doing well in life.

I’ve served/helped a lot of celebs when I used to work in retail. From the guy in the Hobbit, Martin Freeman, who I didn’t actually know who he was, until he left and my colleagues came up to me and said, “DID YOU KNOW WHO THAT WAS?!” Lol, I’m oblivious, sometimes. It was actually a nice conversation, me and Martin chatted for ages about what he wanted in terms of trainers and I gave some advice and he bought a pair off me. Um, I also met Emma Willis a couple of times and some others. We have film studios near-by us, so these celebs where always in our town. My home-town is Watford, where most of Harry Potter was filmed.

I do know of a few musicians as well, not friends or anything, but we all kind of know of each-other. When I used to go to the Watford Railway Club, Pioneer in St Albans etc when I was fairly young, I met some very talented people. I weirdly know someone in Enter Shikari, well my parents know him more than I do. Apparently, we bowled together when we were younger, but I don’t remember that too well. Anyway, I like Frank Carter who was in the Gallows, he stuck up for me and said something at the end of his show, because I ended up in the “mosh pit” and a guy punched me in the face, and Frank said something along the lines of, “do not EVER hit a woman.” So, yeah, that was very nice of him.
I have met a few others, some are nice, some aren’t. I won’t spill the beans on the not so nice ones.

I’ve met Gordon Ramsay while working at Don’t Panic when I was an intern. Very nice man. I wasn’t comfortable being on TV/Camera when they filmed this documentary thing, and Gordon very kindly came up to me to make sure I was ok. So I have a lot of respect for him.

Other than meeting quite a few famous faces, I played Tenpin Bowling for Watford, Dunstable, Enfield and Hertfordshire from a very young age up until 16 or 17. I went to this England training/coaching for a number of years. Nearly qualified for the England team, but qualified just outside of the 6 that gets selected, when I was around 15 or 16. Fell out of love with bowling when I was around 16. I was known to be quite stubborn and wouldn’t let anyone coach me, lol. I learned better by myself to be honest. 

I’ve actually held UK tenpin bowling records since 1998 onwards. For over 20 years now. I think they are the oldest records in the youth tournaments. I used to play all over the UK from aged 7 to around 16 for my home-town and county. I won some other tournaments, but the major ones are the yearly Nationals and South of England. My house was full of cabinets of trophies and medals. Which I think my parents donated all my trophies when I left home.

I came 1st when running 1500 metres at my school.

I was on BBC breakfast this year. Very unlike me to do something like that. I talked about fertility situations, good and bad in the workplace.

I have worked insanely hard to achieve the level I am at in my career. I’ve pretty much done everything in Marketing over ten or so years.

I was the only girl in my I.T class during GCSEs and got one of the highest grades despite not actually going into school much and not following through with it for A level. 

I almost got AAA for my A levels. I ended up with AAB.
When you put your mind to something, you can smash it out the park. Wish I did that with my GCSEs but I was being bullied from year 9-11 by a bunch of girls and a few guys, so I didn’t really go in to school until particular teachers would ring my home phone and leave voicemails threatening that I was going to fail.
When I did go to school, I had to put on my “mentally strong” face, with these girls trying to start fights with me at lunch-time, there would be about 10 of them around me at times, but I got away and went straight into this safe zone where I knew there were teachers around. I have had things thrown at me in classes, I have been provoked in classes where one guy put his hands around my neck, I have been called numerous names in classes, I had one of the main bullies send chain emails around to almost every one in our year writing horrible horrible things about me – that was extremely stupid of them, using their own email and what not… I didn’t receive the email, but some-one I know printed it off and showed me. Also, some of these girls came to my house and put stuff through my letterbox. I could write absolutely everything they did, but those are “memories” that have stuck with me.
During the final days in year 11, I had the main bully come up to me and apologised for what she had done. This was in front of my best friend. I brushed it off and I think I replied “ok”, but I will never forgive her for the hell she put me through, and all the rumours and lies she had made up to turn my entire friends group and others against me.
Anyway, I did pass most of the GCSEs, apart from Science lol. Which is funny now, cause at the time, I let someone close to me copy my coursework and obviously we both got punished, lol. And yeah ended up failing it. Bloody love Science now. Also got a D in Maths, but re-took during my A-levels and got a C. I did a course at West Herts College in the evenings for several months to get a higher grade, so happy with that C.

I grew up with a very challenging and difficult childhood, on top of what I went through at school. I won’t go into detail. But it was hard up until I left for uni. I became mentally strong from a very young age.

Weird one, but I was drugged at uni in my halls in New Cross in London. I don’t remember much of it to be honest. I had one drink, left it on the side, went to the loo, came back, had a few sips and felt weird. I ran out of those halls to try and get back to mine. My vision was blurry and I think I started to loose my balance and I don’t remember much from that point. All I know, was I was sick in my sleep which I found when I woke up the next day. I don’t know how I got back to my room, but I was on my bed with sick next to my face. Felt fucking horrendous the next day. Sat in the shower for hours on the floor.

On a lighter note, I used to play football for my schools. Primary and secondary. I represented ‘Watford’ young girls team at one point in my life too. I’m pretty sure I played defence on that ‘Watford’ team, but I can near enough play any position.

Generally I’m known to be good at sports. Lol, modest much. Maybe not so much now…. Health conditions and stuff has kind of got in the way. My husband refuses to go bowling with me. So err, yeah. He knows he will lose and he’s not good at losing. I have played some sports with him, like Basketball and Tennis.

I’m extremely introverted. 

My nan and grandad near enough raised me when I was young, as my parents were working a lot. They would take me to school, pick me up from school the majority of the time. I spent a huge portion of my life at their house, they would take me to London a lot to see theatre shows, Christmas window displays, and even treated me to holidays, like Orlando when I was 12. My nan and grandad are some of the best people I know, and some of the greatest influences on who I am as a person today.

Joe and I give a lot to charity/charities close to our hearts. I’ve been known to be quite generous with those close to me as well.

I put everyone first. Before my own needs. 

I went to one of the best Arts schools in the world. I skipped doing a foundation course because of my high grades. I got bursaries on top of my loan. Basically, got thousands every year for free. I was one of the youngest on my course. 

I have won a lot of awards from when I was young up until late twenties I’d say. This includes Art, Writing and Sports Awards.

I am very lucky, but always incredibly unlucky.

When I need to remind myself I’m a badass… I listen to “Watch the Throne” album, Kayne and Jay Z. “N**as in Paris” song usually goes on repeat. Don’t like one of those words for obvious reasons, but that’s the title of the song. 

I’m mentally a very strong person. I have moments of weakness here and there, but usually whatever you throw at me, I will get over. 

I used to be quite physically strong too, even though I was so tiny. I would get myself in situations where I would stick up for someone or defend them where I could. If that meant me jumping in between two people fighting, you would see me break it up. Sometimes, one of those people would be a lot larger, compared to me, and I would push them as far as I could from the other person, and give them a right talking to. But not always, if I’m in those situations now, I have a good way of calming the other person down.

I’m quite clever. Sometimes, too clever in situations, that it scares people. 

I could have taken so many things to the court room, but I just can’t be bothered. Sucks all the energy out of me because I’m 95% confident I will win every single time that someone or a company goes up against me.
I’m just a firm believer in Karma. Karma will deal with your bullshit instead.
One day, I may take something further, if you really piss me off or step over the line. It’s very hard to piss me off though, unless you know how to push my buttons. I would only get justice for certain situations that have caused me or someone I care about major upset, to just ensure it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

I’ve had to up my game with security measures and not share much of my life online anymore. And well, obviously, security things around where I live and stuff, as well as additional security on as many websites or platforms I use. I’ve seen so many different locations and devices sign in to some of my accounts over the years… Even recently actually. If I spot things like this on certain accounts, I will remove your device and you will get reported.

Sometimes, life got weird and scary at times. I’ve had individuals show up at my front door at my old houses/flats/work places etc. One tried to actually get in. It was really scary and weird. I wouldn’t open the door half the time and politely told these people to fuck off through the window. Learnt my lesson to not bloody record or show where I live. Of course I’m not perfect and have slipped up on the odd occasion but I’m very cautious now. 

I had a very weird situation where this random man came up to me at a bus stop in Hertfordshire, and he asked me questions such as “Do you believe in the devil.” and some stuff like that. This was in the middle of the day by the way. And luckily a bus was coming my way, so I escaped the conversation and jumped on the bus. I had a weird nightmare a couple weeks later, where I felt like he was watching me in my bedroom window.

Another bus incident I had when I was living in London… I stupidly fell asleep on the bus one time after a night out, ended up in god knows where at 4am or whatever time it was. There was this gang walking towards me when I got off, so I ran across the road and luckily a bus was coming, so I jumped on that, back to where I lived. Oh my god, fucking terrifying.

When I was exploring San Francisco in my twenties, Joe and I were in Macy’s and some random guy came up to me and ask if he could take a photo… What this random guy wanted was a photo of me and him taken by my boyfriend. Very odd, but we did it.
I had many situations in San Fran that are “memorable”. Another was this, I was walking down towards Market St on my lonesome and a guy came up to me and asked for my number, I kindly let him down saying I had a boyfriend. And then, I’ve had situations where homeless people, some have been men, who have shouted in my face too. I got harassed on a SF bus-tram thing once because I turned around to see why these guys were making such a racket at the back of the vehicle, then they turned their attention on me and were shouting abuse at me for the entire journey. I was with Joe, but obviously we kept our cool, because any one of these guys could of had a weapon on them. I walked by the “Tenderloin” by accident too on another occasion. There is a massive divide with Rich and Poor people in SF. San Fran is not on my list of places to go back to.

I have a fear of driving. Since I was involved in a really bad car accident driving home from work one day. I wrote my car off.

I was born at 9pm on the dot on Halloween. I was several weeks early. I think I was supposed to be born in mid or late December. I had a lot of complications, I was born breech, yellow, well, all sorts really. They didn’t think I was going to survive and my parents named me “Zoe” as it means “life” in Greek. “A fun variation of the long-established Zoe, Zoey is a feminine name that shares its Greek origins. Meaning “life,” Zoey’s lineage stretches as far back as the Late Antiquity when it was first spelled Zoë and held everlasting promise. Some say its early popularity stemmed from its ties to eternal life, with many parents bestowing it in the hopes their child would enjoy a long, fruitful existence. As a translation of the Hebrew Eve, such beliefs are unsurprising when one considers Zoë’s connection to the famous biblical figure. Originating from a name that means “source of life,” perhaps Zoey may continue to be a sweet oath for your little one beckoning sustenance to last a lifetime..”

I was also born with extremely fair skin, white hair and black eyes. Devil child.
When I asked my mum recently what I was like as a baby, she said I was “really chilled and easy”. And, I would like to spend a lot of time by myself rather than around family members or friends. My cousins’ nan also said the same about me.

My name is actually spelt “Zoe” on my birth certificate. However, I added a “y” on the end when I was around 15 because I didn’t like the length of my name and I actually preferred how I could sign my name on a piece of paper with a “y” added on it. Another reason was I didn’t want people I knew from school finding me on social media.

I’m not religious. Even though, I was christened when I was a baby. I have the belief that there could be a god or gods out there, however, I don’t believe in a “god or goddess”. I think religions can cause a lot of war/wars. However, I have people close to me that are religious and I respect them for following a religion. I’m more interested in how the world and universe was created, as well as the development of humans and animals from thousands or millions, or billions of years ago. That I find really fascinating.

I’m very much into helping the “planet and animals” and “environment”. I’m trying to learn more about it, I’ve got books and all sorts that I need to find the time to read. David Attenborough released a documentary a couple of years ago on Netflix warning everyone of what is about to come. Unfortunately it has already started with all the wildfires and so on. I try to do what I can. But EVERYONE needs to make a change to have a real impact to be honest.

My sister dropped me on my head outside my house when I was younger, on bloody concrete, I think I was around 5 or 6. I had to go to hospital and stay there for a while to recover in this special children’s emergency unit. Also, my sister hit me with a connect four game because she was losing, when I was around 10, and again I had to go to hospital to have stitches on my eyebrow. I have two scars on my eyebrow. It’s funny now, but wasn’t funny at the time.
My sister was quite sick of competing with me to be fair, as I would win at everything.

I’ve never broken a bone in my body, however I have been in hospital for numerous reasons since I was born. Stitches, countless operations, health complications, all sorts.

I sometimes feel like I’m a cat who has had 9 lives and has cheated death so many times. And, I’m on my last life-line.

I have developed C-PTSD and Complex Trauma in my later years. Need to work through stuff instead of blocking it all out. It’s hard because my mind goes into over-drive sometimes where I have to re-live and talk about really difficult and traumatic situations in therapy.

I have had other moments and weird crazy stuff to happen over thirty odd years. But, here’s a few things you may not know. Make of those what you will.

I may add some more stories if any come to mind over the next few days….


  1. August 11, 2023 / 2:39 pm

    This was super interesting to read. Yeah…San Francisco wasn’t my favorite too. I just liked seeing the bridge and some of the landmarks there.


    • zoey
      August 12, 2023 / 3:09 pm

      Thank you lovely. SF is a bit of an odd one isn’t it? There are beautiful parts around it, if you go outside near the bridge and stuff like you say. But yeah didn’t enjoy the city centre. Had to be super alert at all times. xx

  2. August 12, 2023 / 7:43 pm

    It was so interesting getting to know you more lovely!

    The Reluctant Blogger| thereluctantblogger.co.uk

    • zoey
      August 12, 2023 / 8:21 pm

      Thanks love x

    • zoey
      August 14, 2023 / 8:04 am

      Thanks Shy x

    • zoey
      August 14, 2023 / 8:04 am

      Thanks Maria! He was so lovely x

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