22 Good Things That Happened In 2022

2022, you have been a rollercoaster year of emotions. Mostly highs, but some real low blows. I’m truly grateful and thankful for my little family, and all the moments I’ve experienced this year.

When it turned January 1st this year, I was ready to take on the world! I knew better things were coming my way, I knew my worth and I bagged myself a shiny new job! I trained HARD to become familiar in my new field of work. I had my stoma reversal operation in April, which I’d been waiting for for over two years. Shortly after my op, my dearest nan passed away. Grief is a horrible horrible thing to go through. 3 grandparents gone in the space of 2 years… heart-breaking to say the least.
I made the most of hen do’s this year in Oxford and Liverpool, and also travels to Cornwall and South of France. I turned 33, Archie turned 2 and Joe and I celebrated six years married and twelve years together.

Things got a bit bumpy later on in the year. Our plans for IVF round 2 got complicated and it was discovered I have low egg count with my only surviving ovary. Our journey has been exhausting, unlucky and utterly heart-breaking. I really don’t know what’s in store for us next year, I’m trying to have a ‘go with the flow’ attitude, but if you know me in person, I’m a planner and like plans.

Any who, I want to highlight my 22 top moments of 2022… so without further a do…

  1. Cornwall break at the Artist Residence
  2. Getting a shiny new job
  3. Joe’s surprise birthday with uni friends at ours
  4. Sausage Strolls with Archie
  5. Stoma Reversal in April
  6. South of France in September
  7. Birthday Brunch with my close friends
  8. Eurovision party round ours
  9. Not one but two Champneys Spa Days
  10. Sketch for my birthday
  11. Mum’s surprise 60th birthday meal
  12. Making wine with grandad
  13. Wintery walks exploring Hertfordshire villages
  14. Celebrating mine and Joe’s 6th wedding anniversary
  15. Men’s World Cup – my sweepstake team won, hooray
  16. Women’s Euro’s – yes ladiessss
  17. My cousin’s wedding
  18. Archie turning two
  19. Date day in London at Circolo Popolare
  20. DIY projects around the house – finishing Joe’s office
  21. Booking my dream trip of a life-time to Iceland for early 2023
  22. The year of hen do’s

I’m looking forward to a brand spanking new year and embracing all the little moments. I want to make the most of travelling before we may embark on our next chapter. I want to also get back on the exercise-train. I’ve felt a bit deflated with my excessive weight gain the past two years, so I need to try and do something about it. I know medication is a big factor for the weight gain. But I just want to feel healthy and ‘myself’ again. And lastly, I want to excel in my career.

What are your top moments of the year?


  1. January 27, 2023 / 3:25 pm

    2022 was a tough year for me – I was basically ill non-stop, but we had a few nice dates and I count my blessings daily. Here’s to a great 2023! x


    • zoey
      March 1, 2023 / 5:40 pm

      Sorry to hear that 2022 wasn’t a good year for you. I hope 2023 is a fantastic year for you. xx

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