100 Questions

In this post you get to find out a little bit more about me, the girl behind ZoeyOlivia.com.

Feel free to do this as well if you’re stuck for ideas on what to post.

Any who, let’s start with the questions shall we…

  1. What do you do for a living? I’m a Digital Designer and Lifestyle Blogger
  2. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Canada, but I like living in the UK, all my friends and family are here
  3. What is your biggest fear? Falling out of love and not being able to have children
  4. What is your favourite family vacation? Canada or Thailand
  5. What would you change about yourself if you could? Right now, my hair… but it is growing
  6. What really makes you angry? Rude people
  7. What motivates you to work hard? I just have that ‘drive’
  8. What is your favourite thing about your career? What’s not to love about designing?
  9. Do you believe in soulmates? Yes I do. I believe there’s always more than one person for you though…
  10. What is your proudest accomplishment? Having my blog
  11. What’s your favourite meal? Afternoon Tea, Beyond Burgers or pizza…
  12. What is your favourite book to read? Twilight books lol, The Hunger Games, or poetry books
  13. What makes you laugh the most? Relatable memes and Joe’s pretty funny
  14. What was the last movie you went to? What did you think? I think it was either to see Joker or 1917. Both great films!
  15. What did you want to be when you were small? An air hostess lol
  16. What’s your favourite band/singer? City and Colour or John Mayer
  17. If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be? Eat all the foods without getting fat
  18. What is your favourite game or sport to watch and play? Tennis
  19. Would you rather ride a bike, ride a horse, or drive a car? Ride a bike
  20. What would you sing at Karaoke night? Probably not, I’m terrible at singing
  21. What two radio stations do you listen to in the car the most? BBC Radio 1 and Magic FM
  22. Which would you rather do: wash dishes, mow the lawn, clean the bathroom, or vacuum the house? Wash the dishes or vacuum the house, both relaxing activities
  23. If you could hire someone to help you, would it be with cleaning, cooking, or yard work? Cleaning for sure
  24. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? THIS IS TOUGH! Afternoon Tea probs
  25. Do you hate anyone? No I don’t hate anyone, I used to in my twenties over stupid stuff
  26. Have you ever had a nickname? What is it? Zozo
  27.  Do you like or dislike surprises? Why or why not? Dislike, not sure why though
  28. In the evening, would you rather play a game, visit a relative, watch a movie, or read? Watch a movie
  29. Would you rather vacation in Hawaii or Alaska, and why? Both are pretty cool
  30. Would you rather win the lottery or work at the perfect job? And why? Win the lottery, who doesn’t want to be rich? lol
  31.  Who would you want to be stranded with on a deserted island? Joe
  32.  If money was no object, what would you do all day? Go travelling around the world, then buy a bigger cottage house and adopt loads of dogs
  33. If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to? 2009
  34. How would your friends describe you? Quiet, always thinking about life
  35. What are your hobbies? Blogging and listening to music
  36. What is the best gift you have been given? My engagement ring or Hot Chocolat Velvetiser
  37. What is the worst gift you have received? A bright blue top with ‘ninja’ and a character on lol
  38. Aside from necessities, what one thing could you not go a day without? Chocolate
  39. List two pet peeves. Rude people and people that think they are better than others
  40. Where do you see yourself in five years? Who knows? five years is a long time
  41. How many pairs of shoes do you own? A LOT
  42. If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have? Read peoples minds…
  43.  What is the farthest you’ve been from home? Bali for mine and Joe’s honeymoon
  44.  What form of public transportation do you prefer? (air, boat, train, bus, car, etc.) Train
  45.  What’s your favourite zoo animal? Elephant
  46. If you could go back in time to change one thing, what would it be? Meeting you (vague I know)
  47.  If you could share a meal with any 4 individuals, living or dead, who would they be? John Mayer, Ryan Reynolds, Dallas Green and my husband Joe.
  48. How many pillows do you sleep with? Two
  49. What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep (and why)? Probably about 18 hours, guess I really needed that sleep
  50. What’s the tallest building you’ve been to the top in? The Shard
  51. Would you rather trade intelligence for looks or looks for intelligence? Looks for Intelligence
  52.   How often do you buy clothes? Every couple of months
  53.  Have you ever had a secret admirer? I think I have one? It’s hard to tell… but I’m good at looking at signs
  54. Ever loved someone and never told them? Yes
  55. Shower or bath? I enjoy both
  56.  What was the last thing you watched on TV? The Crown
  57. What was the last book you read? Midnight Sun, interesting reading Edward’s side of the story, didn’t realise he had so much hatred for her in the beginning…
  58. What’s your favourite type of foreign food? Chinese or Indian
  59.  Are you a clean or messy person? Messy
  60.   Mountain hideaway or beach house? TOUGH one, I like both, but probs mountain hideaway
  61. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 5 mins
  62. What kitchen appliance do you use every day? Nutribullet or Velvetiser
  63. What’s your favourite fast food chain? MC D’s
  64.  Favourite song? City and Colour, we found each other in the dark
  65.  Do you love or hate rollercoasters? LOVE
  66.  What song are you listening to right now? Olivia Dean, The Hardest Part
  67. What is your favourite childhood memory? Being careless
  68. What’s your favourite movie? The Batman films with Christian Bale
  69.  Any tattoos? A swallow on my shoulder
  70. Rolling Stones or Beatles? Beatles
  71. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of love? Hmm, wouldn’t you like you know lol
  72.  What three items would you take with you on a deserted island? Eyeliner, Dyson Airwrap and my dog (he’s not really an item though)
  73.  What was your favourite subject in school? Art
  74.  Summer or winter? Winter for sure
  75. Do you collect anything? Tatty Devine jewellery and special coins
  76. Favourite dessert? Millionaire’s shortbread or lemon meringue pie
  77.  Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Introvert
  78. When was the last time you cried? Last month, I don’t cry that often anymore…
  79.  Have you ever had a surprise party? (that was an actual surprise) I suppose my hen do was a surprise
  80.  Are you related or distantly related to anyone famous? No
  81. What do you do to keep fit? Nothing
  82. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? Hell yeah
  83.  What is your favourite cereal? Granola
  84. What is the first thing you notice about people? Their eyes or smile
  85.  What three things do you think of the most each day? What I’m going to eat, what am I going to blog about, my puppy needs feeding…
  86. Describe your perfect man? Blue eyes, beard, dark hair, funny…
  87.  What is the least favourite thing about yourself? At the moment, my hair and my weight, but things that can change…
  88. What celebrity would you like to meet at Starbucks for a cup of coffee? Dallas Green
  89.  Who was your first crush? David Beckham
  90. Do you know of anyone that hates you? Err yes, not every one is going to like you and that’s ok. There’s one guy from Watford who hates me, always wanted to ask him why though lol
  91. On a scale of 1-10 how funny would you say you are? 7
  92. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Ten years is a long time… hopefully living in a cute cottage with 5 dogs
  93.  What was your first job? Worked in a cafe
  94.  If you could join any past or current music group which would you want to join? The 20’s
  95. How many languages do you speak? Only English but can say hello in a few different languages
  96.  Hair colour? Red, I’m naturally a light brown
  97.   Who is the most intelligent person you know? Has to be Joe, he’s such a nerd x
  98.  If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be? Well my boy best friend describes me as an owl, so that’ll do
  99.  Eye colour? Brown (malteaser eyes)
  100. Who knows you the best? Joe

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    • zoey
      March 17, 2021 / 3:40 pm

      Thank you Alexandra! x

  1. March 18, 2021 / 1:38 am

    I’m a Beatles fan. I just got done watching watching The Dark Knight. Very fun and interesting post πŸ™‚


    • zoey
      March 18, 2021 / 11:23 am

      The Dark Knight is amazing!! Thank you Maria x

  2. March 18, 2021 / 1:40 am

    I love your hair color. This was a fun and interesting post. I just finished watching the Dark Knight, the Christian B Batman series are my favorite πŸ™‚


  3. March 19, 2021 / 10:55 am

    Love this post! My favourite answer is that you choose afternoon teas as the food you’d eat for the rest of your life! Love it!

    The Career Edit | http://thecareeredit.co/

    • zoey
      March 19, 2021 / 1:06 pm

      Thank you! Haha yesss, love afternoon tea! x

    • zoey
      March 22, 2021 / 3:35 pm

      Thanks Ana! Haha yeah x

  4. March 23, 2021 / 11:28 am

    Afternoon tea is such an under rated meal choice, pre veganism it would have been one of my top choices too but it’s just not the same without clotted cream πŸ˜‚ Milli x – http://millidavison.co.uk/

    • zoey
      March 23, 2021 / 3:15 pm

      Aw yeah, although I made some gorgeous vegan scones with vegan butter and jam at the weekend! I went vegan/veggie for March, maybe in April I’ll continue it as I’m really enjoying it. x

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