Becoming Veggie, Almost A Year Later

I can’t quite believe it’s almost been a year since I turned vegetarian (back in January 2019). I’ve had some slip ups along the way, but the main thing is I’ve cut down massively and I’m trying to help the planet a little by doing so.

Reason for going veggie first began as a diet for a month (more on that here), I wanted to eat healthier and loose weight. Eating lots of vegetables seemed to really help my Endometriosis too (alongside exercise).

I feel some what that I’m helping the planet by eating a vegetarian based diet too. I couldn’t go fully vegan as I love cheese too much. But I feel like being veggie is one step closer to leading a somewhat sustainable lifestyle. Alongside using less plastics, buying less clothes and cutting down on driving – walking when I can.

Do I miss meat? Yes and no. After watching several documentaries on Netflix – one being Cowspiracy. After seeing how much of an impact meat has on the environment as well as watching some gruesome ways that animals were slaughtered, it’s safe to stay it put me right off meat. However, when I don’t think about what happens to these animals, I can eat it (sounds a bit arrogant, but it’s true).

I do miss chicken and fish the most. However, I eat a plant based diet the majority of the time which I enjoy. As mentioned above I couldn’t go fully vegan as I love cheese and eggs too much.

I’m happy to say that the vegetarian diet will continue. Here’s to another year of eating veggie!

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