Life Update

Well… hello there, it’s been a little while since I last blogged. To be frank, I’ve been incredibly busy with officially becoming a house owner *hurrah* and not having any internet for 3 weeks… which has actually been blissful! But, Yes that’s right, Joe and I actually own a house!

We moved in at the end of July and decided to get our hands dirty and decorate the two bedrooms right away. Both are looking fabulous now – they are different shades of grey. Psssh random fact alert, Joe calls me lady grey because I do love grey so much and of course, I love the tea too.

We also have plans of stripping and re-doing the bathroom in a few months time – which is a hefty task but will be worth it! I really want grey marble tiles (like I said… obsessed *rolls eyes*) but may be grey overload upstairs,  so, we may go for a beige marble instead. It’s early doors yet so minds do change, and yes, bathroom inspo flying here, there and everywhere on my Pinterest boards.

Other than house, work’s been great and health has been so so. A little endo update, I’ve been attending a few hospital appointments lately and they found another endo cyst on my right ovary and my left fallopian tube is blocked… brilliant! I’ve recently had an MRI scan as they were a little concerned about the cyst this time round, and they will follow up with a plan of action in a few weeks.

Another health update – I decided to come off my medication while I was exploring the beautiful island of Santorini and I’m feeling tons better! Long story short and main reason being – I had gained two and a half stone being on it, so my self-esteem and body confidence went out the window. I’ve always been fairly slim and this is the biggest I’ve been in my life, a size 12 – which to some isn’t big at all, but to me, I felt like an obese sausage dog.
I worked really hard on getting back down to my wedding weight in September last year and to pile on two and a half stone in 6 months was really disheartening. I’ve really struggled to lose the weight since coming off the meds, it’s really messed with my (once great) metabolism *cry*. I do eat relatively healthy and have been going to the gym 5 times a week as well as doing additional kettlebell exercises at home and walking home from work most days – which takes an hour. I did that for a month solid and seriously my weight didn’t budge at all. It’s been really tough, but I started taking diet pills two days a go and I’m already loosing a teeny bit, so progress. I’m hoping it all just drops off in a month or two, but hey, a girl can dream…

In other news, I’m off to a burger festival in L-town tomorrow (it’s cheat day – allowed one fat day a week), which I’m rather excited about. I haven’t been into central in yonks, so yeah… rather looking forward to it. I may take some snaps and blog about the best burgers – so keep your eye out for that!

Hope you lovely lot are doing well and have a fabulous weekend!

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