The Bali Honeymoon Guide

Although Joe and I travelled to Bali back in November 2016, I thought it would be nice to share what we got up to, where we stayed and where we indulged.

Depending on when you travel for your honeymoon, whether it’s straight after or months later, this guide should cater for anyone who plans to visit Ubud (the jungle) in Bali.

Before I start, one major hiccup and fail on our part – was we actually missed a day’s holiday due to my passport being 10 days out of date of the ‘6 month’ expiry dates. We found out when we were about to check in at the airport… luckily we were able to get an emergency passport and fly a day later. Never will I make that mistake again! So, if you are travelling to Asia, make sure your passport is in date more than 6 months due to expiry.

Where to stay: We stayed in beautiful Ubud – the most calming, relaxing location – which was much needed after a hectic couple of days. Our hotel was the gorgeous Komaneka, which had these amazing infinity pools that looked out on to the jungle – so zen and serene.

Our bedroom also looked out into the jungle, and, we had our own infinity pool too – so amazing. Wish I could travel back in time and re-live these moments.

Where to eat: At the hotel for lunch and snacks, then do fine dining experiences at Mozaic and Kubu at Mandapa.

Mozaic is claimed to be one of the best restaurants in Ubud and is listed in San Pellegrino Top 100 restaurants in the world, pretty darn impressive.

We indulged in an six course menu (‘The Discovery Menu’), with an additional special honeymoon dish which was completely unexpected, but so lovely of them to do.

Kubu at Mandapa – If you love fine dining or perhaps your on your honeymoon too, you have to go here!

We sat in a romantic private cocoon overlooking the river. It was night time when we went, so we couldn’t really see the river, but it was calming to listen to. A really lovely atmosphere.

The food is fine Mediterranean-European. You can choose from the Degustation courses where you can choose between six courses or eight. They do have other main courses if you don’t fancy little tastes of everything.

We went for the six course and each individual course was absolutely amazing. And they even brought out a lovely honeymoon cake as an extra dish (likewise to what Mozaic did), which was completely unexpected too! It was an interesting chocolate bomb. AH-mazing.

What to do: We did nothing but relax for three days straight, which is what you need after orchestrating the biggest day of your life. It was so lovely – we read books, sunbathed, swam, and listened to music – heaven.

One adventure we did do was visit the rice paddies and a village nearby. It was a great experience and I’d highly recommend it to anyone.

As well as Ubud, we travelled to Lombok to experience the ‘beach’ side of things. It was so lovely – gorgeous weather and hotel, as well as this, we visited the amazing and beautiful gilli islands.

So, if anyone is interested I may do a second part to this honeymoon travel guide series where I talk about where we stayed, what we did and where we ate.

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