How to Spend 48 Hours in Cambridge

T’was mine and Joe’s one year wedding anniversary earlier on this month, so, we decided to venture out to Cambridge for the weekend. It’s a city that we’ve been pining to go and see for ages and I’m so glad we did – it’s beautiful. Oh so, very beautiful.

We did stay in our room quite a fair amount as we were both suffering from a horrendous cold – in desperate need of a rather lazy weekend to recover. But, we didn’t mind as it was the most instagrammable and prettiest hotel we’ve ever stayed in.

Where to stay: Tamburlaine Hotel

The Tamburlaine is absolutely beautiful, we loved our stay there. And oh my, we had the comfiest bed ever – wanted to transport it home with me.

Where to eat: Tamburlaine Hotel, Tom’s Cakes, Espresso Library.

Tamburlaine Hotel
We had breakfast at our hotel – I went for the full english fry up and Joe went for egg’s Benedict – t’was lovely. We also came back in the afternoon for afternoon tea which was served in the prettiest garden room.

Afternoon tea was divine. I had mine with lemon and ginger tea and Joe had his with an earl grey.

The only thing I can fault was the service. There seemed to be a lot of miscommunication between staff and they didn’t check to see if the food was ok during afternoon tea. Other than that, they were very friendly.

Tom’s Cakes
Tom’s Cakes was a little bit of a treat. I really fancied a scone and heard great things about Tom’s Cakes on Trip Advisor so decided to give it a try.

T’was very busy when we popped by on the Saturday but we managed to find a table after waiting five minutes or so.

Let me tell ya that scone was amazing, as was the caramel shortcake that I sadly don’t have a picture of. Mhmmm so hungry right now and could eat about 50 scones.

Espresso Library 
Another great place to come to eat brunch is the Espresso Library.

I had the fluffy pancakes with yogurt, almond flakes and blueberries – mhmm heaven. Joe had a chicken sandwich and loved it too.
The hot chocolate and flat white were both so creamy and delicious too!

Another great coffee stop is Bould Brothers. We popped by here for a quick flat white and another hot chocolate – both amazing!

If you’re craving more sweet things and have a sweet tooth like me, then do visit Fitzbillies for some incredible sticky buns.

What to do: Chill at the hotel.

As the weather was pretty drizzly and horrible on the Saturday, we stayed at our hotel for a fair few hours chilling and reading books.

Alternatively you can visit museums, the beautiful parks and bridges. The backs park is lovely. And, the River Cam bridge is rather cool – a bridge made out of wood.

Do visit the Fudge kitchen too! They were making the fudge right there and then in the shop which was really cool.

Cambridge is such a beautiful city, lots of gorgeous historic buildings, beautiful parks and bridges. I’d love to come again during the summer and have a little picnic.


  1. January 2, 2018 / 6:59 pm

    The hotel looked sooo lovely! I’m going to Cambridge in two weeks, but only for a day. Will definitely check out the fudge kitchen. YUM!
    Laila x

    • zoey
      January 4, 2018 / 1:02 pm

      Ah amazing, have a great time, it’s a lovely city. X

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