28 Things I’ve Learnt In 28 Years

Oh my, how the hell am I now twenty eight? Bridging closer and closer to the 30 year old mark *hides*.

Any who, every year I sit down and I do some form of ‘Birthday Reflections‘ post. I look back on the past year as well as noting down some reminders to continue doing for the upcoming year.

To be frankly honest, this year has been a whirlwind – up down, up down, up down, up. However, I’m a scorpio (Halloween baby) – a strong determined woman who can accomplish anything.

This month gone I have realised a lot. My wellbeing and health needs to come first. As well as reminding myself to be kind always.

Here are 28 things I’ve learnt in twenty eight years.

1) Be kind to everyone, even unkind people
2) Happiness is key
3) Your health and wellbeing should come first
4) It’s ok to do a little bit of retail therapy (if that’s what makes you happy)
5) Do what you love (whether that’s writing blogs, playing a musical instrument…)
6) If you don’t like it, change it
7) Tell someone you love them every day
8) Be that friend that will always listen (sometimes, you don’t realise what they may be going through)
9) Spend more time with friends and family
10) It’s ok to want to be alone sometimes (there’s nothing wrong with wanting your own space when needed)
11) Practice mindfulness to heal
12) Love with all your heart
13) Give more to charities (something I need to do more of…)
14) Pay for two (if you can afford a little bit extra, consider buying two things instead of one…)
15) Money isn’t everything (happiness and kindness is)
16) Exercise often
17) Share your food
18) Smile more (Something I personally need to do more…)
19) Switch off and connect (Embrace the digital detox)
20) Remember where you came from
21) Apologise
22) Forgive
23) Be kind to yourself (pamper yourself and do the things you love)
24) Be kind in a crisis
25) Give without expectation
26) Give silence
27) Be happy for people
28) Speak up

(Outfit details: Jumper Dress – ASOS, Shoes – New Look, Bag – Kate Spade, Ear rings – Tatty Devine, Necklace – Tiffany & Co)

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