Why It’s Important to Digital Detox

We live in a hectic society – being busy is often seen as some sort of achievement. And, sometimes we get so caught up in the digital world that we forget how important it is to talk face to face and embrace life without the digital world – including social media.

I found myself getting stuck in a good old book while I was in hospital recently. I read a book on ‘Kindness’, written by┬áJaime Thurston and found myself nodding along at every single point.

Us 90’s/00’s kiddos have grown up in a digitally advanced world that sometimes we forget the beauty of writing pen to paper, enjoying a good old book or even enjoying a real life conversation. Instead of texting or emailing via your chosen device (phone, ipad, laptop etc.) talk to your friend face to face. Go outside and get a bit of fresh air or dance while listening to your favourite songs (…the list is endless).

Growing up in the 90’s, I loved the digital world. I found myself engrossed in computer games such as Theme Hospital, Rollercoaster Tycoon and Habbo Hotel to name a few. Since then, the digital world has exploded and everyone spends far too much time on their phone’s (including me).

Did you know that the average person checks their phone 85 times a day – crazy! Spending a total of five hours browsing the web and using apps.

Now I fully admit I constantly look at my phone – it’s become the norm. However, while I have been in hospital, I have found the beauty in doing little digital detox’s to break up my days. I’ve found myself getting lost in a good old book or magazine, or writing this blog on paper before I type it up, or even taking part in a group activity.
One day I will have a full on digital detox but baby steps first.

From now on, every Tuesday and Sunday evenings I will have digital detox. I will embrace switching my phone off and tuning in to the real world.

It’s also important to embrace conversations face to face. Nothing makes the soul happier than laughing with your nearest and dearest family and friends.

So, let’s all embrace digital detox’s (only if you want to) as a digital detox will help soothe the mind and is amazing for your health and wellbeing.

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