50 Anniversary Ideas

Today marks mine and Joe’s seven year anniversary. Yes seven years! I have been with Joe for one quarter of my life… how cray is that.

Let’s be real though, I don’t enjoy that time is moving so fast and I don’t like the fact that I’m adulting so quickly – how the bloody hell am I almost twenty eight?
On the bright side, I do love that I’ve found my soulmate and bestie. The one who puts up with my mess even when he’s a complete OCD clean freak. The one who reads my mind without saying a word. The one who will run to McDonalds at 9pm on a weekday to buy me a single cheeseburger. That’s love people.

These are the thoughts that cross my mind on some idle Tuesday evening (Tuesday’s the day I’m writing this… this will go up on Saturday if you’re confused).

Any who, I’ve become a bit of an anniversary pro planner if I do say so myself. I tend to go all out for mine and Joe’s anniversaries. I think it’s important to remember the day two individuals became a united couple (lol oh my god, so cringe… I need to stop) and to of course celebrate in style.

Below I’ve listed 50 anniversary ideas. So, be prepared for lots of amazing restaurants and travel ideas. These places would also be great for birthdays or any other special occasions.

1) Go to Paris for the weekend…the city of Lurveee (we did this for our one year anniversary)
2) Explore Thailand’s islands (we did this for our second year anniversary)
3) Order food from your interactive table at Inamo (we did this for our third year anniversary)
4) Indulge in the Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea at the Sanderson (we did this for our forth year anniversary)
5) Enjoy Afternoon Tea at Sketch (we did this for our fifth year anniversary)
6) Enjoy brunch at Thomas’ (Burberry’s Restaurant) on Regent Street (we did this for our sixth year anniversary)
7) Explore Bath and treat yourselves to a spa weekend at one of Bath’s top hotels
8) See a theatre show in London
9) If you’re feeling super extravagant, eat at Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck (always wanted to go here)
10) Eat Beef Wellington and drink pink champagne at Bob Bob Ricard
11) Buy some fancy lingerie at Agent Provocateur
12) Visit the beautiful Greek islands. Santorini looks stunning
13) Stay in, cook a three course meal, snuggle up on the sofa and watch your favourite films
14) Spend a few days in Venice and Burano
15) Wine and dine at London’s most romantic restaurant, Clos Maggiore
16) Eat at Duck & Waffle and enjoy the views of London high up
17) Experience eating in the dark at Dans le Noir?
18) Enjoy Afternoon Tea at Rose Wood London
19) Stay a night at Crazy Bear
20) Sip Cocktails at The Blind Pig (we did this for our fifth year anniversary)
21) Spend a few days in Rome
22) Eat Afternoon Tea at The Ritz
23) Treat yourselves to a spa weekend at Champney’s in Tring
25) Enjoy Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspired Afternoon Tea at One Aldwych
26) Splash out at one of London’s Michelin-starred restaurants
27) Cosy up at the Ice Bar
28) Love gin? Book a gin tasting evening at Mr Foggs Gin Parlour
29) Strike it lucky at retro styled bowling alley Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes
30) Take a romantic stroll and walk along the South Bank at night from London Bridge to Waterloo
31) Indulge in fine dining at the Aqua Shard and enjoy the epic views of London
32) Step back in time and enjoy a few cocktails at Cahoots
33) Go Ice-Skating at Winter Wonderland or National Museum Museum’s ice-rink
34) Relax at the Salcombe Harbour Hotel, South Devon
35) Spend a few days at Soho Farmhouse
36) Visit The Gilpin Hotel and Lake House at the Lake District
37) Book a spa day for two at Pennyhill Park
38) Eat steak at Hawksmoor
39) Sip cocktails at Scarfes Bar
40) Spend a few days in Cotswolds
41) Spend a weekend in Amsterdam and take snaps in the photo-booth inside The Hoxton
42) Visit Woburn Safari Park (drive under giraffes, let monkeys climb over your car and play with your ariel and feed the parrots)
43) Enjoy Afternoon Tea at The Ampersand Hotel
44) Stay overnight at the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent
45) Spend a few days in Cambridge and go punting!
46) For the married couples… stay at a luxury hotel nearby where you got hitched (I stayed at The Coach House the night before my wedding and I’d love to visit again)
47) Bake your partners favourite cake
48) Get tipsy at Wyld Tea at Mondrian London while you enjoy the boozy afternoon tea
49) Row a pedal boat at Serpentine lake in Hyde Park in the summer
50) Watch the northern lights in a glass igloo at the Kakslauttanen hotel in Norway (the dream!)

If you have any other anniversary suggestions, please leave them in the comments below as I’d love to check them out, as well as them being helpful to other readers :).

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