A Gentle Routine to Pick You Up When You’re Battling Endometriosis

I haven’t spoken much about my endometriosis battles, however, as I type this I’m currently lying down in a hospital bed and feeling pretty crappy after having my second laparoscopy operation. I’ve been stuck here for three days with two drains attached on each side, looking like a corpse, unable to walk properly and in an endless amount of pain. I’m just itching to go back home and get a good night’s sleep.
By the time this goes up, I’ll be on the mend and I’m certain I’ll be in much brighter spirits.

I haven’t seen many people discuss endometriosis on blogs, however there has been an increased awareness of the condition since Lena Dunham and singer Halsey spoke up about it this year. I am so glad to see endometriosis in the spotlight and I hope this allows more women to find the care and treatment they need to manage their symptoms, as well as a general wider understanding to those who haven’t heard of the condition before.

For me, it’s still a raw and sensitive subject to discuss as there are a lot of unanswered questions about infertility, dealing with the years of deliberating pain, not being taken seriously and simply feeling like this is the norm. It’s an emotional topic and it has been a blooming emotional rollercoaster over the past 8 or so years.

I’ll give you a bit of a brief back story, it took me roughly five years to be diagnosed. After my first operation back in early 2015 the pain that had been haunting me was indeed endometriosis. I have stage four, which is classed as severe endometriosis as well as effecting the bowels too.

Endometriosis sadly runs in my family, my auntie was first diagnosed with it many many years ago and she is unable to have children because of it. I have been pre-warned that having stage four will cause complications for when I want to try and it may be unlikely that I can have children too. Jeez, that was super personal for me to share, I’m getting a little bit flustered ha.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of little things to pick me up again for when I return home! Here are a few of my go-to’s, a gentle routine that instantly makes me feel a lot better. If you’re dealing with endo pain or the emotional straits, I hope this routine will help ease symptoms and make you feel better too.

Pots of tea.️
An instant mood booster is a lovely warming cup of tea. Camomile tea is great for soothing inflammation and makes you feel more calm. Peppermint and green tea are also amazing, they work wonders for soothing pains.

Enjoy a nice hot bubble bath.
There is nothing better than sliding into a hot, soothing bath to relieve the aches and pains of endometriosis. If I’m having a bad endo day, I like to treat myself to some Aromatherapy Associates oils, a favourite of mine is Inner Strength, or if I want something fun, I’ll pop a Lush bath bomb in surrounded by candles in the dark. Honestly nothing beats this.

If you’re struggling to move from your bed or are recovering from a laparoscopy operation, a hot water bottle will be your best friend for awhile. You can still have a nice steaming hot shower and soak your skin in some fancy oils afterwards. Alternatively treat yourself to a lovely little foot bath!

Pamper yourself.
Treat yourself to a face-mask and go and paint your nails to brighten your mood!
Or why not splurge and treat yourself to a spa break get-away for the ultimate relaxation. I’m laying here dreaming of a spa right now, once I’m fully recovered from my operation I know where I’m heading.

Netflix and chill.
Getting lost in a good old tv series will take your mind off of things. Suits is an easy watch and Harvey is always nice to perve over (Sorry Joe). I also recommended watching Homeland, The Originals, Stranger Things and House of Cards, I’m hooked on all four at the moment.

Let it out.
It’s ok to be upset and have a little cry. Endometriosis is hard to deal with and it’s ok if you want to stay in a foetal position and have a good old cry. Letting it all out is better than keeping your emotions locked in, trust me on this one.

There is something that feels so lovely and calming about lighting scented candles. A warming glow that will simply lift your mood when you’re having a tough day. Diptyque’s Baies is my go to that I know will instantly cheer me up. It feels like such a treat when I burn this.

Disconnect and read.
Whilst recovering, I have been reading Marie Kondo’s the life changing magic of tidying again. But I’m dying to go home and escape in some fantasy stories. I’m thinking of re-reading the Harry Potter series.
Bloglovin’ has also been a major distraction, I’ve been loving reading blogs and getting inspired for mine along the way.

Allow Yourself Time to heal. 
Give yourself time to heal and give yourself permission to be sick.

We live in a hectic society and most of us don’t take enough time to settle down and rejuvenate our bodies and our spirits. When we get sick, we feel guilty if we need to stop running around, or if we have to say no or cancel obligations, but taking a break to heal is essential and you deserve this down time. 

Don’t close yourself off. 
The worst thing you can do is shut yourself off and not talk to anyone about this.
I have the most incredible and supportive husband, the best family and friends and an amazing social media family who have been keeping me in brighter spirits and generally sane.
I’ve been trying to keep active on social media, mainly on Instagram with how I’m feeling and I feel that it has helped me cope with the situation instead of keeping everything locked away and hidden. If you’re more of a private person, perhaps write your thoughts and feelings in a diary.

Have a movie marathon.
Snuggle up under a cosy blanket and stick on a few easy going films. What’s better than watching the whole Harry Potter series or some Disney films to cheer you up. If you have Netflix, Cinderella and Jurassic World are good ones to watch! Or if you fancy a bit more action, The Avengers films are classics.

I hope my gentle routine help’s to pick you up and lifts your spirits. If anyone else is struggling and wants to talk about endometriosis, please leave a comment below or private message me. Additionally if you want to hear more about how I deal with it daily or what my second laparoscopy was like, then I will do another post in the near future. Remember to try and stay positive, I know it’s hard and easier said than done, but you’re not alone and there is an amazing community out there.

Zoey x

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  1. August 16, 2017 / 11:31 am

    I had never heard about that disease before, but research a little about it. I think it is very brave that you shared your story and spread the awareness of this specific disease, since it seems to be not so rear. I’ll send you all my energy from Finland for your recovery, and hope you a wonderful day <3

    • zoey
      August 16, 2017 / 9:29 pm

      Aw thank you very much for your lovely comment :).

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