Where To Eat In Copenhagen

If you saw my last post, I talked about all the great little coffee stops to check out if you’re planning on visiting Copenhagen. This time round, I’ll be discussing my recommendations for cheap eats in Copenhagen.

If you haven’t heard, Copenhagen is pretty expensive in general, especially going out to eat, but the bakeries and lovely cafes we went to were not only delicious, but didn’t break the bank too.

The Donut Shop – “The best doughnut shop in Denmark.”
If you’re feeling a bit peckish, you have to check out the famous ‘Donut Shop’. The vibe is really cosy as you can relax on the sofas, eat your doughnuts and play board games or you can simply sit back and enjoy the tunes. They had the Weeknd playing in the background when we popped by, big fan.

The selection of teas here is great; they have a range of Clipper, one of my favourite tea brands. I went for a calming camomile and Joe had a berry one. To complement our teas, we had some incredible doughnuts, I had the ‘dime doughnut’ and Joe had the ‘chocolate crunch’ one. Both amazing! They cost 18kr for one, which is around £1.50, so not too shabby.

They often sell out pretty quickly, so I’d recommend going as early as you can.

Sankt Peders Bageri. If you like a sweet treat in the morning or an afternoon snack, you have to visit Sankt Peders Bageri for some lovely Danish pastries, it’s where all the locals are, so it must be pretty darn good.
I was on the hunt for the best cinnamon roll, and this place definitely hit the spot.





The American Pie Co.

Not your traditional Danish restaurant, but if you’re in the market for a slice of pie, sweet or savoury, then check out this place. They have a selection of pies from lemon meringue, apple pie to chicken and thyme and cottage pie. We both went for chicken and thyme and it was lovely. And, I treated myself to a coke (which is very rare for me), which came in a glass bottle and made me feel a little nostalgic inside.

I also love the cool interiors, it has that ‘diner style’ look and feel. And, is of course Insta friendly.




Flottenheimer is a cosy little lunch spot to go to if the weather isn’t particularly great. We came here on our first day when it was raining and really enjoyed ourselves. We both went for the sandwich option, which came with chips. I had avocado and halloumi on rye bread and Joe had steak. So so good!

Also, I loved the hygge vibe with the white candles, cushions, wooden tables and low-key lighting. Was very warm and relaxing.



Unmercato is listed as one of the best ‘cheap eats’ in Copenhagen, so we had to check it out whilst we were in the area. It’s located just outside of the food market, Torvehallerne.

For a sandwich, rosemary fries and a drink it only cost 115kr, which is around £10 (This may seem quite expensive for some, but trust me it’s really good value for Copenhagen). Oh also, the homemade mayonnaise is to die for!!

It does get very busy, but people are usually in and out fairly quickly. If there’s a queue, you can always take-away and sit outside and people watch!

And that’s a wrap for my Where to Eat in Copenhagen series. I really enjoy writing about my food experiences so expect more things like this on the old’ blog in the near future.

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