Best Coffee Shops in Copenhagen

Being the foodies that myself and Joe are, we did our research and took full advantage of visiting some of the best restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops in Copenhagen and I wanted to share them all with you.

In part one, I’ll discuss all the great little coffee shops we went to! So if you like your coffee keep on reading.

Coffee Stops



Democratic Coffee Bar, what aren’t you in my life every day?! This place has a really cool vibe and is where a lot of students hang out. They sell the most delicious and wonderful almond croissants with almond butter inside. Seriously seriously amazing… I’m still dreaming of that wonderful croissant. The coffees are great too, we had two lattes and they were lovely and creamy.

I would happily go back here again and again, and if I were student in Copenhagen, this is definitely where you’d find me!


The Collective Coffee. Whist wandering around Copenhagen, we stumbled across this vibrant little food market called Torvehallerne. Inside they had quirky food stalls and coffee shops. It smelt amazing in there!

Anyway, we came across The Collective Coffee, a trendy little coffee corner that caught my eye. They filtered their coffee in a really unusual way, using these weird metal and glass filter tubes. And being a sucker for beautifully designed packaging, I wanted my cappuccino in one of those cool geometric plastic cups, saddo I know. But honestly, this was one of the best cappuccino’s I’ve ever had and it’s a great spot for people watching!

Grannys House. Another great little place inside Torvehallerne is Granny’s House, who sell an assortment of pastries, tea’s and coffee’s.

The atmosphere has a real cosy, welcoming feel. The tables have been decorated in knitted and crochet covers, with decorative flowers on. And the chairs are painted in bright colours. Very instagrammable.

We stopped by to have a refreshing tea and it came in a tall glass with an unusual paper tea bag. The milk came in a gorgeous china pot too. T’was really lovely, I highly recommend stopping by and checking it out.


Original Coffee is a little out the way, but if you’re visiting Olufsvej to see the beautiful colourful houses then I recommend stopping by here.
It’s a really cool modern coffee shop with all décor black and white. It’s fairly small inside, but it’s a great spot to charge your phone or do a bit of work whist you enjoy sipping one of their amazing coffees! I have to say, I’m a huge fan of their chai latte’s, so creamy and delicious.

So there we have it, four amazing little coffee stops for you to check out if you’re planning on going to the wonderful Copenhagen soon.

I’ll chat about all the quirky little cafes and bakeries we went to in my next post, so be sure to check back in the next couple of days for that.

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