Life Update & Bali Honeymoon Video Diaries Part 3

Hello! Happy Saturday everyone… It’s been quite a while since I’ve sat down and wrote a blog post on the actual date instead of pre-forward planning and scheduling weeks in advance.

But whilst spring cleaning the flat this morning, I realised that I had nothing scheduled for March… well I have tons of ideas but not enough time to execute all of them. So I’m going to dedicate this afternoon and evening to catch up on a few things and get my blogging life in order.

I also just wanted to have a little heart to heart on my blog. I said to myself last year that I wanted to create things with more heart, soul and voice in 2017, so I’m trying to open up a bit more on my blog and YouTube channel. What some people tend to forget is that you put your best version of yourself out there online (and that takes guts anyway, because you’re putting yourself out there to be automatically judged), and realistically life isn’t perfect all the time, we’re all human, we have down days too.

So, I just wanted to be real with you all and say that this week has been a bit of a tough one  – physically and mentally. I really haven’t been very well this week. If you know me personally I’m usually the type of person to not complain about my illness’s and solider on. My family and friends have no idea too… unless they read this, then hi lol!
You will know that if I’m suffering in pain, I will silently deal with it because I’d rather not talk about it or burden any one with my problems. And this is where my blog comes in handy, it’s almost like an online diary where I can speak from the heart and do what I want because it’s my own platform and I feel like I’m not burdening anyone.
Also, Joe hasn’t been around this week, he’s been on a work trip and he’s usually my first and only source to blurt out how I’m really feeling.

Anyway, I sprained my ankle last Saturday in Copenhagen. It went all rubbery and swollen, and I couldn’t walk properly! It was actually really gross. But that wasn’t what threw me off my game… It was my endometriosis (the devil I swear). Pain and swelling for near enough a week solid. For two days I was bed ridden because of it (and my swollen rubbery ankle) and do you know how that feels? You feel pretty pathetic and hopeless. And, then you return from the dead (lol… cause you might as well be) to continue and play catch up on your work load and pretend like you’re doing ok. Now I’m letting the cat out the bag here… but when you put on a brave ‘i’m ok’ face every day, everything hits you when you get home. This week I have spent most evenings in bed upset, confused and lost, as well as losing all motivation to tidy, blog and even to eat. Which is very unlike me (them cray hormones). But don’t worry, next week I will be back and ready to take on the world, unless the devil comes back and then I might as well jump out the window… I hope no-one takes that last bit seriously… it’s just my sense of humour, I don’t think I have the courage or will power to jump out of a window because truthfully I’m a little scared of heights.

Moving swiftly on…  to happier times! Here is my final video diary of my Bali Honeymoon! I’m really excited to share this with you all. Joe and I spent our last days in Lombok chilling, soaking up the sun, exploring waterfalls and wandering around the beautiful and peaceful Gili Air. Heaven.

Also, I just wanted to mention… the music choices I made for this one make me super happy – they are so jazzy, upbeat and up-lifting. So, I really hope you enjoy watching this and grooving to the beats.

If you’re interested, you can watch the first part of my Bali honeymoon here. And, second one here.
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