LUSH Valentine’s Day Haul

My lovely husband bought me some goodies from Lush over the weekend. He got me some gorgeous bath bombs and bubble bars which are all from the Valentine’s Day range. 
The Valentine’s Day collection always excites me, just as much as the Christmas collection! They all smell so sweet and delicious. The only downside is that they seem to be getting more and more expensive. Why Lush why!
Anyway, last year they brought out some really cool bath bombs and bubble bars such as the ‘Unicorn Horn’, the ‘Ladybird’ and ‘Rose Bombshell’, and they have brought some of those delightful treats back this year.

So when Joe came back with a bag full of Lush goodies with some of my all time favourites inside, I just wanted to cry… partially because I’ve been feeling like an emotional wreck recently (I’m blaming the change in weather), but also just in awe at his kindness. Ok… this is turning a bit mushy now. Anyway, so yes, he got me three of my favourites, The ‘Unicorn’ Horn, ‘Rose Bombshell’ and the ‘Ladybird’. As well as two other bombs ‘Cupid’ and ‘Lover Lamp’. I couldn’t get my hands on Lover Lamp last year as they had sold out so I was super happy to have this in my life. The other one, ‘Cupid’ is a newbie or so I believe.

Moving swiftly on to the individual reviews…

Rose Bombshell. Let’s start with this one. This has to be my all time favourite Lush scent. It’s so sweet and smells of roses and candyfloss intertwined. And it turns your bath a pretty pink colour. Really really excited to use this again!

Ladybird. Snug as a bug in a tub. This one is a bubble bar – you crumble this underneath a running tap and it creates lots of bubbles, as well as turning your bath a gorgeous red-ish colour.
I also adore the smell, it kind of smells a little minty. Interestingly enough it has been made with peppermint oil so that explains the minty scent, as well as geranium oil and cornflour (which is a bit of an odd one, but it works).

Lover Lamp. This has a very interesting scent too – smells quite zesty, orange like. I’m really excited to try this as it has little hearts that melt away in your bath tub. Made with cocoa butter, vanilla absolute and Brazilian orange oil.

Up next we have Cupid – the newbie bath bomb of the collection. This one smells of palma violets, those old school sweets. It’s quite nice but not my favourite scent. However, I’m looking forward to trying this as the bubbles on Lush’s demo look insane. It is said to be a ‘floral fizzer’ which I’m sure I’ll be fascinated to watch. Made with rose, bergamot and violet leaf absolute.

And last but not least the Unicorn Horn. I wish Lush did this one all year round because it’s so fucking cool. The endless amount of selfies you could do with this… which I’m not going to… but the idea is there. Anyway this has been made with lavender oil and ylang ylang and neroli oils, it smells divine.

Besides bath bombs and bubble bars, Lush also have a pretty sexy looking massage bar, ‘Love Spell’ out this Valentine’s Day. As well as this, ‘Prince Charming’ shower gel, which smells incredible and is out for v-day too.

Any who, I’ll be snapping the stuff I got and putting them up on Instagram in due course. So do follow me, @zoeyoliviablog to see them! You can also reach me on twitter: @zoeyoliviablog.

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