Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Swish & Pop Blusher In First Love Review

Being such a huge Charlotte Tilbury fan, I’m surprised that I’ve never tried any of her blushers before. Any who, I was in search for a soft, neutral every day shade and so ‘First Love‘ from the Cheek to Chic Swish & Pop range ended up in my basket. This retails at £30.00 a pop which is quite pricey for a blusher but I was willing to splash a bit extra as I had heard great things about ‘Love Glow’ from the same collection.

As always, Charlotte Tilbury’s packaging is stunning. The blusher came in this gorgeous deep burgundy box with rose gold embossed details. Inside was a lovely compact with the same colours as the outer packaging. The compact comes with a mirror inside, which is always handy.
Along with my order, I got my receipt and six samples in a cream envelope with CT’s logo in her classic rose gold font. It’s the little things that impress me and who doesn’t love receiving samples?!

So what’s so special about this blusher? Charlotte says that she’s “always seeking to re-create that shimmering, youthful flush of excitement you get when you’re in love, she calls it the ‘love glow'”. It’s a 2-step application which instantly brightens dull skin and gives your cheeks a glow.
I have to say, she does have a way with words, this woman manages to convince me to buy everything, and for someone who works in marketing and who is not easily persuaded, she just manages to gets me every single time.

Wearing Charlotte Tilbury’s First Love on the cheeks and also her Pillow Talk Lipstick above.

First Love is a beautiful every day blush. A soft peachy-nude shade with a teeny teeny hint of pink. A satin-matte finish. These are meant to give you that ‘love glow’ finish, and I actually find this one not too glowy. I find this one to be very subtle, which I honestly quite like.
It gives you a lovely flush to the cheeks and you can pair this with most, if not all lipstick shades.

I would say this is perfect for the pale to medium toned ladies out there. I don’t think it would show up very well on darker skin tones. ‘The Climax‘ would be an alternative choice if you do have a darker skin tone.

The longevity is pretty great too. It stays on my cheeks all day, from 8am till 7pm. It faded slightly towards 7pm, but if I was going out on a night out, I’d happily re-touch up my make-up anyway.

Also, funnily enough and I feel really weird writing this on my blog, but these blushers remind me of nipples. It can’t just be me who think’s that right?! Apart from the nipple resemblance, I do like the idea that you have the creamy cheek colour in the centre and the shimmery highlighter on the outer edge. When you blend these two together they do create the most beautiful finish.

So how do you apply these? You are supposed to apply these in a certain order with her special blusher brush.

Charlotte suggests that you swish the brush around the outer shade and tap off the excess. Run the brush flat, up the cheekbone starting from the apple of the cheek, to structure the face. Then, to make your cheeks pop, take the pointy end of the brush, dip it in the centre colour and tap off the excess. Apply to the apples of the cheeks to make them pop and glow. Blend seamlessly together.

But if you don’t have her blusher brush, don’t worry, I use my real techniques blusher brush and it blends them beautifully together in a one-step process.

Overall, I think this shade is absolutely beautiful and I’m really impressed with the quality. It’s definitely the blusher I have been reaching for a lot this month.

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