Turning 27

Turning 27.

I don’t know why, but turning 27 was a pretty big deal to me. I’m slowly edging towards the 30 year old mark and I have so much to accomplish in three years.

So, in this post I wanted to mention the things I’ve accomplished and the ‘things’ I would like to do before I turn 30. This is going to be quite a personal post by the way.

So what have I accomplished so far? I completed a degree at the University of Arts, London, back in 2011. And, I have a job that I bloody love. I’m a digital designer. An illustrator. A social media wizz kid. A digital marketer. A blogger. A vlogger. And, a video editer. I love the digital world. And, I love art and design.

Apart from my job(s), I have travelled the world a lot. I have been to over 80 different cities in my life time. I have travelled a lot of the UK – especially when I was younger as I used to play tenpin bowling (random, I know) professionally. I’ve been up and down the country playing tournaments. I used to play for Hertfordshire and also England when I was around 16.

My favourite parts of the world are Thailand and Canada. However, I’d love to visit Iceland and Scandinavian countries as I’m all about that ‘hygge‘ life. I can see myself falling in love with the lifestyle, beautiful scenery and culture there.

I have the most incredible loving and supportive partner, he is also my best friend. We recently got married which is a huge deal for me as I’ve never believed in marriage and saw it as a signed piece of paper… But things change, feelings change as you get older. So I guess getting married is an accomplishment?

I also passed my driving test! Late to the game I know, but I put my fears aside, took a short course last year and passed first time. It’s weird to think that I’ve been driving almost every day for the past six months now. London drivers are crazy, but you get used to it. For me that’s a huge accomplishment.

So, what’s in store for me next?
I’d like to travel more. This year I’d really like to explore as much as I can. Once a month, or every other month, go somewhere different. Experience new things. This could be in the UK or close by.

I’d really like to up my game and become a ‘Senior Digital Designer’ or something similar. When I think of the experiences I’ve had and what I have achieved since graduating, I’m really proud (not in a braggy way). I really do put my heart and soul into anything and everything and I now have the experience to achieve my goals to becoming one step further into a senior position.

It’s not often you can say that you’ve had complete freedom and control on what goes up on company social media channels, as well as planning, writing content and designing email marketing campaigns. I’ve come a long way and I have so much more to give :).

I’d also love my blog and YouTube channel to grow. I want to have enough of a following that my content truly inspires and is somewhat helpful. For me, it’s not about having an enormous following, I love underrated unknown bloggers and vloggers just as much as the bigguns’. I love those who are different and have a cool editing style.

I’d really like to get to 25,000 subscribers in the next three years, but I’d really need to up my content to reach that goal.

In regards to content, I think I may do some more wedding videos as I know you guys have been enjoying my wedding blog series or so that’s what you tell me :). And, maybe I’ll do some life advice videos, but not sure if I’m confidant enough to talk about those subjects just yet.

I will of course continue to make video diaries of my travels, look-books and hauls (Primark and High Street stores) in the next three years too. Although, maybe less frequent hauls as I’m trying to save and trying to not let the consumer treadmill get to me.

My YouTube is currently more successful than my blog. But, I do love writing as well, so I will never give it up.

Other than career and travel plans. I’d like to finally own a home. I’d really love a cute little cottage house nearby, but London house prices are just sky high and we simply can’t afford that. I would also like a sausage dog but as me and Joe both work long hours, this is something that will be quite difficult. It wouldn’t be fair to leave a dog at home for long periods of time. But maybe things will change in the near future or we find a way to make this one work.

So there you have it – an insight into what I’m thinking. Obviously things change and ideals change too. So who know’s what will actually happen in three years time.

As always, you can reach me on social media for daily updates. I’m regularly Instagramming, follow me @zoeyoliviablog. I’m also on Twitter, @zoeyoliviablog.  

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