Cahoots: A Quirky Hidden Cocktail Bar In London

Cahoots, cahoots, cahoots! The boy did good, he took me here for my birthday last year (on Halloween) and we had a great time. 

If you’re unsure what Cahoots is or have stumbled across here looking for reviews on the place, then you’ve come to the right place. I shall go into detail about our experience further down. But let me start by saying how fun and cool this place is!
It’s a hidden bar inside Kingly Court, just off Carnaby Street. A cocktail bar designed around the 40’s era. It’s really really cool. A hidden gem if you ask me.

Outside there is a sign, ‘To the trains‘ with an arrow pointing, this is where it’s located. It’s quite easy to miss it, so keep your eye out for the sign.

We went around 4pm on a Friday night and it was pretty quiet surprisingly. Joe didn’t book and thankfully there was no queue. Anyway, we were lead in by a quirky chap on the door, who spoke a bit of ‘cockney’, ‘apples and pears’,  ‘trouble and strife’ and so on. At first, he caught me off guard and I mumbled to Joe ‘where have you taken me’…



The entrance is rather cool, you go down the stairs like you would at a train station, and you lead into a dark bar whilst you wait for someone to take you to your table. The ladies and gents were all dressed in 1940’s attire which is a nice touch.

We got to sit inside a train carriage which was pretty awesome. You get two glasses of water and popcorn in a vintage can on arrival. As well as a newspaper menu, which has SO many cocktails to choose from, as well as food options.
It took me quite some time to pick one! But I was happy with my choice. I ordered a gin cocktail (of course), I can’t remember the name of it though, so sorry! It came in this quirky mug with dolly mixture sweets on top. Delicious. And, Joe had some sort of martini, nice and manly!

Also, the lady assigned to our table came over and took our order which was nice, rather than typically going up to the bar and ordering. She checked on us every now and again.

One thing I did notice was the service was a little slow towards the end of our stay, maybe they were understaffed or it got a bit busier, but when we asked for the bill, it took fifteen minutes for us to ask again, but she may have forgotten. So instead we ended up walking up to the bar and asking to pay as we had to be somewhere else at 7pm.

Other than that little hiccup, we had a really enjoyable stay here. We will definitely come here again and try some more delicious cocktails. And perhaps we will try the food next time too.
So, if you’re near the Oxford Street area and you’re a little thirsty after shopping, do give this place a try. You will not be disappointed.



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