NEW Mac Lipsticks: Craving, Fashion Revival, Diva & Faux

Another Mac Lipstick review… I know, I know. I have a problem. But I needed some new autumnal shades, so that’s my excuse. That, and a girl can never own too many lipsticks!

So, I stumbled into Mac, tripped and fell in love with four shades. I picked up Craving, Fashion Revival, Diva and Faux.

(Craving Lipstick above)

Craving. I’ll start with Craving as it’s my favourite of the bunch. It’s an amplified finish which are my favourite Mac formulas. Amplified finishes are super moisturising and comfortable to wear on the lips.

Mac describe this shade as a “burst of plum” which I agree with, it’s more of a pinky-plum though.

It’s super pigmented and opaque. And the longevity is fab. On me it lasts for around 4 hours.


(Fashion Revival Lipstick swatch above)

Fashion Revival. Up next we have Fashion Revival, which was part of the MAC Matte Lip Collection. I believe it’s a limited edition shade and is sadly no longer available. Why must you do this to us Mac, why!!

Fashion Revival is a semi-matte finish, super long-lasting, beautiful berry tone. It’s described as a “deep raspberry” colour on the Mac website. This shade is very similar to ‘Rebel‘, so I would suggest that as an alternative option.

The pigmentation is outstanding, I only need one or two layers to get an opaque finish. And, unlike a lot of matte’s, this one is super creamy and easy to work with.

In total, this lippy lasted around 6-7 hours on me. Which is incredible!

Looking back on the pictures – I wish I had Mac’s Burgundy or Beet lip liner to hand as it would of perfected the outer lines. But, never mind.

(Fashion Revival Lipstick swatch above)

Diva. Diva has been a shade that I’ve eyed up for years, and I’ve always hoped it would suit me, as it looks incredible on so many people. But, it just doesn’t look right on me *sad face*.

Diva is another matte to add to my collection and is described as a “Intense reddish-burgundy” which is exactly that. I would say it has slight brown and purple undertones too. It’s highly highly pigmented and works best with a lipliner – again in hindsight I wish I had applied before taking these snaps.

The formula is super creamy for a matte finish and applies like a dream.  It lasts for around 4 hours on me which is fairly good for a matte finish.

(Diva Lipstick swatch above)

Faux. And last but not least Faux… I decided not to take any pictures of this one as it really washes me out and makes me look like a dead person.

I was really hoping to love this at it looks amazing on so many people and it’s the ‘Kylie Jenner’ shade, but unfortunately it just doesn’t suit my skin-tone. It looks pink on some people, where as on me it looks like more of a nude-mauve-brown. So I will be giving this away to a friend.

On a positive note and for those of you interested, it’s a satin finish and is super creamy. And, if you’re into that whole 90’s vibe, then I’d say go for it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my mini reviews of my new Mac lippys. I’m sure I’ll be back some time soon with yet another Mac lipstick! But for now, have a lovely day or evening where-ever you are in the world.

Love, Zoey

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