Four days In Venice

On Monday, we flew away to the beautiful land of Venice for four days! This was a much needed break for both of us (those who have been through the whole wedding planning experience will know what I mean…) and this was also a little birthday treat for Joe.

During our time in Venice, we indulged in heavenly foods – I had the best savoury crepe of my life, we visited the colourful houses in Burano and also got lost a fair few times.

It was a pretty chilled trip, and that’s exactly what we wanted. As whenever we do city breaks we always jam-pack our days with so much to do that we end up feeling exhausted by the end of it. And with everything going on at the moment, a semi-relaxing holiday was all we could ask for.

Anyway, I hope you liked our Venice Photo Diary. I will be doing another post on Venice shortly – of things I recommend doing if you plan on visiting. Until next time…

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Love, Zoey

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