A Weekend In Nuremberg

During the Christmas period, Joe and I visited a little village called Nuremberg in Germany. This is where my best friend Nicol currently lives. We’ve been meaning to visit her for a good while and decided to bite the bullet and get two tickets over Christmas!

Nuremberg is famous for their Christmas markets, it’s one of the most popular tourist locations in December.
Luckily, we stayed with Nicol and Matt in their apartment, so it was a fairly cheap weekend for myself and Joe. The flights were ridiculously cheap, I think they were around £40 each, and we barely spent anything out there! Mulled wine was two euros, dinner out was reasonably affordable too, about eight pounds per person.
I actually worked it out to be equivalent to spending the same amount of money if we were to head into London for a day. Cray.




Anyway, we had the loveliest time in Nuremberg site-seeing the little village, exploring the Christmas markets and drinking dozens of mulled wine. We also did a little road trip to Bamberg, which was also really beautiful.

I loved the cobbled streets, colourful houses and I just love how cheap Germany is! I also love and think it’s amazing how Germany is literally an hour flight away from London. It’s the perfect location if you just want a break from the city or want to go somewhere on a budget.

So far this year, I have had the opportunity to visit Berlin as well as Nuremberg and Bamberg, and someday I would love to go back and see Munich, Cologne and Hamburg.







Below I have put together a little vlog of our stay in Nuremberg and Bamberg, enjoy :).

I love creating travel vlogs and special days out so much, in a few months or years, I can re-watch them again and remind myself of all the awesome times I’ve had with family and friends. And, I hope you enjoy them too!

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