A Weekend In Berlin

Let’s roll back a few weekends ago when I visited the lovely city Mitte in Berlin where I indulged in heavenly foods, stayed in chic apartments and wandered around the pleasant streets of Berlin.
I didn’t get to explore as much of Berlin as I would of liked as I was there on my best friend’s hen do. So, I do plan on returning some day… But I thought I would share what I got up to in Berlin with you all anyway.
On our first night we stayed in this beautiful modern apartment in the centre of Mitte called ‘Frederics Apartments’ which had been kindly booked by one of Nicol’s work friends. It was stunning!
We didn’t do too much in the evening as we were both super shattered, however, we went out for dinner at a lovely Tapas bar called Yosoy which I highly recommend visiting if you plan on going to Berlin. The dates wrapped in bacon are out of this world!



After sleeping for over 13 hours… which may I add was well and truly needed, we found this gorgeous quirky cafe called Factory Girl, a tasting lab! Everything about this place felt unique, the decor was fun and had campbell’s soup can’s on the walls amongst other kitsch-like items. And, oh my, the food and drinks were incredible. I highly recommend getting the full plater, the home-made lemonade and peppermint tea.
Afterwards, we checked in to apartment number two. This apartment was also beautifully decorated, minimal but simply gorgeous. Sadly, I haven’t got any snaps of the bathroom to show you, but it was insane! The bathroom had these gorgeous black and white tiles on the floor with a humongous shower which filled half of the room!

Also, I really liked the little touch of leaving fortune cookies on the pillows, really really sweet idea.

After this, we wandered around the streets of Berlin and came across this gorgeous artsy shop named Schee. It was filled with the most beautiful interior, prints and stationary. I literally wanted to buy everything in there. Especially the Breaking Bad card… I really regret not picking that up.
Also, I was super impressed to find one of my favourite Illustrator’s, Gemma Correll’s prints dotted around the shop.


After wandering around for a little while, the other girls had arrived so we went to join them at this wonderful Vietnamese restaurant. I can’t actually remember the name of the place, but the food was super delicious.
Once re-filled with scrummy food and cava, we then did a little bit of shopping and bar hopping before heading back to the apartment to get dolled up for the night ahead.
I didn’t manage to take any pictures of the night out, but we had a great time at this really quirky retro circus bar, followed by this underground club, where we partied till the early hours in the morning.



The following morning, I wandered around Berlin again before I had to catch my flight at 10 in the evening. I didn’t have a specific route I wanted to take, I just decided to go for a little wonder and get lost.
I checked out this cool little coffee shop called The Barn along the way. I had a potato salad, peppermint tea and some sort of croissant thing. Of course that didn’t fill me up, so I went to Curry 61 and had a curry bratwurst and chips before taking the train back to the airport!



Berlin was beautiful, the food was one of the highlights for me, such a great variety of choices, super yummy and reasonably priced. And, I also really enjoyed getting a little lost in Berlin. You always find the best places when you are lost.

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