Oversized Shades





I’ve been going through a bit of a sunglasses phase at the moment, there are so many beautiful designs on the market and I just want to purchase them all…
Now unfortunately I’m not one of those girls who can rock any design, nor do I have the money to purchase a pair of Chloe’s or Miu Miu’s (one day). I have an oval face shape, a fringe and a low budget. These three things combined can be a bit of a problem… especially the fringe. If you have a fringe, you will understand the frustration!

Anyway, whilst browsing in TOPSHOP the other day, I came across these two beautiful sunnies. A leopard printed cat eye design and a black over-sized square framed design. They were both £16 each which is pretty good right? And they look good with a fringe! Hallelujah!So, fringe girls, if you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses, check out TOPSHOP for some pretty swanky yet affordable designs!

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