Zoey Olivia Dot Com & Header Update

(The old design)
(The new design)


Hi everyone. I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday enjoying roast dinners and what not! Today I just wanted to share a few little blog updates with you all.
I have updated the header on my blog and on my Youtube channel to a minimalistic/fancy styled font. Just a little change to something more me. And plus it’s nice to refresh things every so often!
As some may know, I love minimalism, less is more… And so, I’ve chosen a simple black and white header that reflects me as a person/blogger.
I also wanted to say that I didn’t dislike my old header, I thought the flowers were really pretty… but, I just didn’t feel like it was very me.
Also, my domain is now working! I am officially www.zoeyolivia.com! I actually bought this domain back in November and I completely forgot about it. So, I’m glad it’s finally being put to good use!
Anyway, I’m really happy with the changes I’ve made and I hope you guys like it too!

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