This Works Dream Team Review

For Christmas, I was lucky enough to find a ‘This Work’s Dream Team‘ gift-set in my stocking! It comes with two miniature samples of aromatherpeutic solutions, that claim to help for the perfect night’s sleep.

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. This is a gorgeous scent! It smells of lavender, camomile and I think it has bark oil in there. It’s super calming, so if you’re feeling a little bit stressed then this may help you unwind and relax. Although, I’m not 100% convinced that it helps improve your sleep, but the smell is lovely and super calming none the less.

Deep Sleep Stress Less. This is a little rollerball that you can apply to your wrists, behind your ears or inhale the vapour to relieve any stress or tension. Likewise to the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, it smells of lavender, but includes some other fancy oil’s that I’ve never even heard of – Boswella Cartern oil and Eucalyptus oil. I really do like the scent of this, it’s SO calming and I think I actually prefer this scent to the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray one, although they are very very similar. I also really enjoy the sensation of applying this behind my ears, with my eyes closed, in a slow circular motion, I could do it forever and ever… until, I look a bit weird and need to put the product down.So far, I’m enjoying them both, they are helping with my sleep a little bit, but for me, I wouldn’t say they are a miracle cure.

If anyone knows of any other products that help with getting a good night’s sleep or general restlessness during the night, please leave them in the comments below!

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