MAC Lipsticks Haul: Rebel, Amorous, Ruby Woo & Velvet Teddy

(Top left to bottom: Velvet Teddy, Ruby Woo, Amorous and Rebel to the side)

Back in December, I purchased these four lippy’s. All MAC ones, yet different finishes, satin and matte’s. And I know, this post is massively over-due (like-wise to my other upcoming blog posts)… But, I’ve just had a lot going on over Christmas and the New Year, and I’m slowly getting back on track.

Anyway, let’s talk about the Lipsticks shall we…

Rebel. Looks much darker when standing alone on the shelf, but transfers onto the lips a much lighter, plum-like colour. It’s a satin finish, highly pigmented, creamy formula, build-able, and long-wearing.

Amorous. Another satin finish formula (quite matte but with a bit of a sheen), which again is highly pigmented, build-able and long-lasting. I  just wanted an every-day mauve kind of shade and this is perfect!

Ruby Woo. A gorgeous matte blue-red formula.  Looks absolutely stunning on the lips, however can be a bit drying – need to apply with a lip balm first. Also, whenever I wear this it makes my teeth whiter and my complexion appear brighter! Love, love, LOVE!

Velvet Teddy. This was SO hard to get hold of, it took months and months of patiently waiting for it to come back in stock! It’s a warm, brown nude colour, matte finish. Very 90’s. As far as I’m aware it can look quite different on skin-tones, but on my pale skin it appears more of a warm browny-nude kind of colour. I do really like it but it’s not my favourite. In fact I favour Amorous over Velvet Teddy.

 (No lip-liner applied, just Amorous on the lips)

I thought I would do a few snaps of me wearing some of the shades. I decided not to do one for Velvet Teddy as I was running out of time and because it’s my least favourite. But if you guys want me to do a little review on it and see what it’s like on my skin-tone then let me know in the comments below.

As you can see in the picture above I’m wearing Amorous, this is described as a ‘Lovestruck Cranberry’ colour on MAC’s website, however I think it’s more of a mauve-pinky shade. I really really love this shade, and I was a little hesitant at buying it at first because I read reviews online stating that it was more suited towards darker skin tones, but when I was trying on a ridiculous amount of lipsticks in Covent Garden’s MAC store, this one really stood out to me. It just seemed to work nicely with my hair colour and skin-tone. And, I like that I can wear this during the day or at night time.

(No lip-liner applied, just Rebel on the lips)

And now time for a bit of Rebel… MAC describe this beautiful shade as a ‘Midtonal cream plum’ and it’s exactly that.

It does look much darker in it’s packaging but once transferred onto the lips, it’s a much lighter, plum-like colour. I really do LOVE this shade, it’s the perfect autumnal/winter lippy and looks lovely with ginger hair. Although, saying that it will most probably suit all hair colours.

I wear this to work occasionally (when I’ve got time on my hands) and I’ve noticed as the hours go by (3+ hours), the formulation goes quite matte and it fades to a dark pinky-red kind of colour which in all honesty, I actually quite like.

Also, I’ve noticed with a lot of dark plum lipsticks, sometimes you can find them a bit too gothic looking, but I think this looks really feminine and not gothic at all, it’s just a really lovely interesting shade and I cannot rate it highly enough.

(No lip-liner applied, just Ruby Woo on the lips)

And last but not least, Ruby Woo! This is a cult classic red that EVERYBODY raves about, but is well known for being one of MAC’s driest lipsticks. And dry it is, but aside from that, it’s a beautiful colour, and it makes me feel like a 1950’s movie star whenever I wear it.

MAC describe this as a ‘Very matte vivid blue-red’. In other words Ruby Woo is a cool-toned red. Which makes your teeth and complexion appear whiter and brighter. It’s also highly pigmented and it lasts a really really long time – matte formulation’s tend to stain the lips better.

If you are looking for a lip-liner to pair with Ruby Woo, I’d recommend Cherry.

I’m actually planning on buying Cherry whenever I next go into a MAC store, which might be when I go on holiday at the beginning of March. So excited!

Anyway, I enjoy wearing this shade during the day and at night time – it’s a gorgeous staple to have in your lipstick collection!

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