January Haul: TKMaxx, Office, Topshop & River Island

I have gotten in to a really bad habit to start off the year, I have been spending like crazy!
I usually go through spirals of spending through-out the year, usually when I’m feeling down… Sounds stupid, but shopping is very satisfying! Even though, in hind-sight it only pleases me for about a week and then on to the next thing…

I shouldn’t really need to fully justify myself but, the reasons why I have been spending quite a bit of money lately is due to not going out much lately, in fact I think I’ve been out once this whole month. I’ve just really been enjoying staying in this January. I’ve watched Game of Thrones solidly (three seasons) and, I’m really excited for season 4 to come out! Another reason is due to me having an operation soon and I’ve just felt the need to spend that extra bit to cheer myself up. And the third reason is me preparing way in advance for my holiday to San Francisco in March! I like to try and get most of what I need out of the way, so I can insure I have lots of spending money to make the most of being there.

Realistically, I know I need to stop spending and get into more of a habit of using what I already have. And, I also need to remember that I’m not living at home anymore and that I do have to pay rent and bills. Adult life, sigh... trying to be more responsible and shit. But, my motto in life is to ALWAYS enjoy yourself because there is no point being upset that you can’t afford to do things, money is just money, so worry about paying things later (as long as you can pay it back). Just do whatever makes you happy!

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