Work’s Christmas Party

On Sunday, I went to my work’s christmas party which was held in London at Strawberry Moons this year. The big bosses hired out the whole nightclub for us all which was rather lovely, and we had a few free cheeky drinks (G&T/Wine – mixing drinks, naughty), also a bit of fried chicken fell into my belly. Luxurious.
I had such a good time! It’s very rare that I get the opportunity to get dolled up and get drunk these days, so I’m really glad I went. Although, I had work at ten the following morning, and that was a bit of a killer, I felt like my ankles and insides were broken, but I powered through, well… I slothed around for 9 hours.
Any who, here are some photo’s from the photo-booth! It’s a shame we didn’t get ones with the whole group, but I absolutely love these none the less.


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