London Day Out Vlog: Winter Festival & Covent Garden

Have you seen my latest weekly vlog, vleek? (Whatever you want to call it!)
I wanted to vlog this weekend in particular because we had a little visitor stay with us. We rarely have friends and family over these days. I guess we forget that we have our very own place now and that we have the freedom to invite who-ever we want over… As well as our forgetfulness, it’s very rare when we do have people over, because we’re always busy doing something or another.Anyway, we had planned this weekend for months (literally), for Emily (Joe’s sister) to stay for the weekend. And, this vlog gives you a little insight to what we got up to on the Saturday. A bit of South Bank’s Winter Festival, Covent G and Hamleys happened.
If you’re interested to see what we got up to on the Sunday, then that vlog will be up this Sunday!

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