December Monthly Favourites

It’s that time of the month where I talk through beauty products and other things I’ve been loving through-out the month. ┬áHope you guys enjoy this video and I shall be back later on in the week with my ‘Best of Beauty, 2014’ video. So check back on Saturday for that.

Anyway, hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and got everything they wanted! Can’t believe 2014 is almost over… Possibly the quickest year to date.
And I just thought I’d share my new year’s resolutions with you all.
One of my new year’s resolution’s is to get more of a stable income. Considering I am now 25 (scary), and I honestly feel like I’m wasting away my creative potential. So, I need to be solidly focused on trying to make this happen! Because, being creative for a living is my dream!
It would also be nice to be finically better so I can spend more time doing my illustrations, writing on this blog and editing videos for my Youtube channel, as well as buying a few cheeky bits here and there, instead of whacking it on my credit card and feeling mega guilty afterwards…
Another new year’s resolution is to make a decision with Joe, in terms of what we want next. There has been talk for a good while now of actually ‘owning a property’, but we haven’t made a final decision of where in the country that shall be. So, depending on what happens with jobs and Joe’s hip surgery, this will be something to focus on later on in the year.
Any who, this is my last official blog post of 2014. Have a great one and see you in the New Year!

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