London Day Out Vlog

Last Sunday me and Joe popped into London to do a bit of early birthday shopping, and I decided to vlog the day as I always find London really interesting and there’s so much to see!

We got the train to Liverpool Street Station, one of my favourite station’s in London! And wondered around that area… Of course, being so close to Brick Lane and Spitalfields market, we had a bit of a wander that way. My intention was just to pop into Tatty Devine to get a few treats, but there was so much going on! It was insanely crowded, tons of food market stalls, vintage stalls and a jazz band playing in the middle of the street! Anyway, after some serious credit card damage, we were feeling a bit peckish! It was a choice between bagels and chips, and chips won! We then headed back to Liverpool Street Station and popped into the Lush store there, I obviously bought too much but I love Lush’s bath-bombs and bath-melts!!

We then made our way to Selfridges, everything was all christmasy and beautiful. Especially the windows! I would highly recommend go checking out the windows for yourself. Absolutely stunning!
After being wowed by festivity, we were feeling a bit peckish again and decided to check out Patty & Bun. Now, everybody raves about this burger place but I have to say, I left feeling very disappointed. The burger was too saucy and greasy. And I asked for mine to be well done but it came out pink and I’m really not a fan of pink meats. The girl kindly re-did my burger again, but it was still pink inside, but I was polite and attempted to eat at least half.
I like to know my food has been well-done and cooked properly. Fuss pot, I know!As I was feeling a little sad after our burger incident, I convinced Joe to go into H&M. I wasn’t planning on buying anything but I walked away with two knits. I know what you’re thinking, Zoey do you really need anymore knitwear?! The answer is, you can never have enough knitwear!
We then ventured on outside and it started to get a little dark, so we headed on home. I was very much delighted to be re-kindled with my tea stash and my hot water bottle. We snuggled up on the sofa and watched Xfactor, the perfect end to a lovely day.

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