H&M Knitwear Love


I always find that H&M do some of the most gorgeous knitwear, at really affordable prices too. And as you all know, I LOVE my knits. So here’s a few pieces that caught my eye and would also be great staples for A/W 2014.

1. Purl Knit Cardigan. You have to have a few plain cardigans in your wardrobe, it’s essential! You can throw them on with pretty much everything and rock that simple yet chic look.
2. Cardigan in Mohair Blend. I really like the look of this one, although it is pretty pricey. And, I’ve never even heard of ‘Mohair’, but sounds fancy.
Likewise to the cardigan next to it, it’s a simple throw on and works with all outfits.
3. Rib Knit Jumper. The V neck trend seems to be a continuing as we hit the colder seasons.
 I find V neck’s really flattering and a little bit sexy, yes I said the word sexy, haha. But, in all seriousness this cute find needs to come home to me, I’d get so much wear out of it!
4. Marled Cardigan. I know what you’re thinking, another similar grey cardigan, how many do you need Zoey?! Well the answer my friend is that you can never have enough grey cardigan’s! I wear a jumper or cardigan pretty much every day, so I like to have A LOT and this little beauty is the perfect chunky knit at a super affordable price!

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