An IKEA Wishlist

The home decorating task had a little break for a few months, but now I’m getting back on track and I am going to push myself to get our home to how I want it to be. So I can be finally proud of what me and Joe have put together.
Obviously when decorating a home from scratch it takes a lot of time and money. So I didn’t expect everything to come together over night.

Anyway, here I have put together a wish list of some of the things I would like to get during the next couple of months. We may have picked up a few of these already this weekend just gone, but I still need to get a few more things at a later date.

We’ve bought most of our furniture and other bits and pieces from IKEA. I love Swedish/Scandinavian design. It’s simple, modern and chic. And everything is so affordable too!

Anyway, let’s get straight into this:

1. Stockholm Cushion. I have to admit I am a bit of a cushion addict! But when I saw this Stockholm design I fell in love. I think this would look really nice in our office area, but Joe has banned me from buying anymore cushions…

2. Ranarp Work Lamp. We picked this up the other day, it’s stunning! And it’s so bright – much brighter than what I was expecting. They also have it in white, but I prefer the nikel-plated version.

3. Linnmon/Finnvard Desk. This is my absolute dream desk! It’s the perfect size for me, very spacious and I am in love with the table legs. We picked this up the other day but we went for the Gerton table top as we preferred the finish. But we are thinking of changing it to this one as the rounded edge one doesn’t look quite right, although I’m slowly coming round to it…

4. Skovel Clock. This clock is gorgeous, it has that vintage feel to it yet in modern fashion. I’m trying to convince Joe that we need this in our lives.

5. Pokal Mug. Again likewise to the clock I’m trying to convince Joe that we also need more glasses/mugs in our home, but we do have quite the collection already.

6. Hemnes Bookcase in white stain. Near enough all of our furniture is from the Hemnes collection. But I would really like one or two bookcases to go alongside our back wall in our living room. The majority of my work will go in one of these, just to keep everything nice and tidy and all in one place.

7. PS 2014 Quilt Cover. I love IKEA bedding and I love the PS 2014 range. Everything is stunning. I already have the table mirror which is awesome when I’m getting ready in the mornings.

8. Norrasen Laptop Table. I know this is meant to be used as a ‘laptop table’ but I’m thinking of getting it to use as a dressing table as I can’t find any that fit the space in my bedroom. If only our bedroom was bigger!

9. Kvarnvik Storage Box. These are great for storing away paperwork, illustrations or little projects. I picked up two last weekend but I’m thinking of getting some more and maybe different sizes too as they hold so much stuff and look really nice on bookcases or underneath your desk!

10. Hemnes Dressing Table. In an ideal world and if our bedroom was bigger than this would be mine without a doubt, but sadly it is just too large for our bedroom.

11. PS 2014 Wall Shelf. Another product from the PS 2014 range! I would really like this in our hallway or in our bedroom, but we have our bikes in the hallway so we wouldn’t be able to fit this in there and there isn’t any space for it in our bedroom sadly. But hopefully when we move we should have bigger rooms so I can get this!

And last but not least another cushion! We picked up this cute knitted cushion the other day and it lives on our sofa. I love the button detailing and for some reason it reminds me of cottage houses… or the thought of it being in a cottage house. I don’t know, haha.

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