A Lush Haul

(‘Snow Angel‘ Bath Melt)
(‘The Christmas Hedgehog‘ Bubble Bar)
(‘Northern Lights‘ Bath Bomb)
(‘Golden Wonder‘ Bath Bomb)
(‘Luxury Lud Pud‘ Bath Bomb)
(‘Candy Mountain‘ Bubble Bar)
(‘Shoot For The Stars‘ Bath Bomb)
(‘Father Christmas‘ Bath Bomb)
(‘Wizard‘ Bubble Bar)
(‘The Christmas Penguin‘ Bubble Bar)
(‘Buche De Noel‘ Cleanser)
It’s no secret that I love Lush! I love their bath bombs, their skin-care, near enough everything they sell. When October rolls around, I get super excited because they release their A/W collection and it’s limited edition! So, I stock up on my bath bombs, bath melts and bubble bars to ensure I’ve got plenty to last me for the upcoming colder months.
I know I already have plenty that I need to get through, but I would also like to try ‘Dashing Santa‘, ‘The Melting Snowman‘, ‘Holly Golightly‘ and ‘So White‘. They all look so lovely.
Anyway let’s face it, there really isn’t anything more enjoyable and relaxing than soaking in a colourful, glittery bath after a long hard day at work. There is just something really comforting about running yourself a candle-lit bath during Autumn and Winter or is that just me?
I will report back with a review of some of the products once I’ve tried and tested them! It’s going to take me a good while…

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