Primark finds



Last week I went into London for mine and Joe’s fourth anniversary and whilst we were nearby Oxford Street, we popped into Selfridges. In Selfridges, they have a Primark concession which I think is new? Correct me if I’m wrong here. But, anyway, I hadn’t seen it before. And they had some really nice stuff!

I could of walked away with bags of stuff but I was being good and was on a budget.
Anyway, what I did pick up was this gorgeous faux leather bag. It has three compartments, really nice gold detailing and is the perfect size for me. The colours are also gorgeous – very Autumnal, and this was only £20 would you believe! It looks way more expensive than it is. Oh and, it’s Limited Edition so be sure to grab one quick if you love it!
The second item I picked up was this cosy knitted cardigan. Now if you know me in person, I have a huge knitwear collection, I just love being snuggly and warm twenty four seven.
Anyway, this beautiful knit was only £16, which again looks way more expensive than it actually is. And, I just absolutely love the detailing on this and I know I am going to get a lot of wear out of this!
So that’s everything I bought! As I mentioned above I could of walked away with bags of stuff as Primark has some really nice knitwear and coats in at the moment, but a girl has to limited herself sometimes!

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