Beauty Splurge

I’ve been very naughty with my spendings this month but they were on offer so I just couldn’t help myself. In all serious though, someone should take my credit card away from me!!
Anyway, I went on a little beauty splurge this week. Firstly I ordered this antibacterial makeup spray by The Pro Hygiene Collection, which retails at £15. I highly recommend this to anyone, it is one of the best makeup brush cleaners I’ve ever used. I also purchased the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid eye liner, which was £13. I’ve used this before and it’s really good, it doesn’t budge, glides on easily, and is also one of my favourites.
I then popped into Superdrug during the week and picked up hair-dye and my all time favourite shower gel. They were both on offer, if you purchased one item you’d get the other at half price. Pretty sweet if you ask me.
I’ve never tried Superdrug’s Vibrance Mango Copper Burst before and so I wanted to give it a go as I want more of a ginger tone to my hair and it was a little bit cheaper than most hair dye’s retailing at £4.49. At the moment, I’ve still got red it in, so I’m not sure how well it will absorb the colour, but I’ll give it a go.

As well as the hair-dye, I purchased Original Source’s Shower Gel in Coconut. Hands down the best shower gel ever! It’s so lovely and exotic. And also reminds me of Thailand. But, seriously though, it was on offer for 99p so how could I say no! I should of taken 5 more home with me as I go through the stuff like water!


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