A Birthday Wishlist

I know I’ve done a lot of wish-list’s lately, but its my birthday on Friday (Halloween), and well, I just enjoy putting these little wish-lists together, mainly as a reminder to myself for things to get in the near future, as well as ideas for Joe and my family.

Topshop Clean Rib V Sweater
I need to stop buying knitwear, but look how pretty this jumper is! It’s your every day slouchy, paired with jeans kind of jumper. Very me. As an alternative, I’ve always been eyeing up this. I guess I’m really into grey things at the moment. Playing it safe.

Topshop Petite Ripped Joni Jeans
I recently split my work jeans so I’m after a new pair. I do like the look of these Joni Jeans from Topshop so I may have to invest in a pair. But I have to say, I find Topshop’s jean quality rather disappointing, especially Leigh Jeans. I’d wear them a couple of times and they would stretch a huge amount and get holes in the crotch very easily, so I would end up replacing them every two months or so.

Michael Kors Jet Set Tote Bag
Moving on to the gorgeous Michael Kors tote bag. I know I will never probably own this bag as it is ridiculously expensive, but I shall keep on wishing.

Canon 600D
I would really REALLY like to treat myself to the 600D so I can film ‘proper’ videos for my Youtube channel, and possibly even use for my blog photographs as I’m currently using my vlog camera, the S110. It’s not perfect but does the job for now.

Schuh Black Raunch Boots
And last but not least some shoes! I really like the style of these ones and think they would be my every-day A/W booties. Alternatively I’ve always wanted a pair of Red or Dead’s Exam Boots. They don’t look great in the pictures on Schuh’s website, but they look beautiful on the feet.

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