Canada Vlog Part 7

Yesterday the final part of our Canadian Vlog went live. The vlog is very chilled compared to the rest of the vlogs. This one mainly involves driving back to Vancouver and what we get up to along the way. I also vlogged our stay in Richmond, which is just South of Vancouver. Oh, and amazing Asian food in this area guys!

Anyway, I hope you guys have enjoyed my first ever vlog series. I had so much fun filming the entire thing, editing it and seeing it all come together. I hope to continue vlogging when I go on adventures around the world, and I may do some vlogs around London if we’ve got a particular exciting weekend going on.
I actually vlogged last weekend where me and Joe headed into London, but you’ll have to wait till Sunday to see it!

Also, what do you guys think of me starting another YouTube channel? Where I create videos based around beauty and fashion? Let me know in the comments if you would be interested at all. I might just go ahead and do them anyway. Just need to get a good quality camera first, maybe I’ll get one for my birthday – the big two five (25). We shall see.

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