Canada Vlog Part 6

If you haven’t seen already, my Canada Vlog Part 6 went live yesterday. I think me and Joe have really let ourselves go in this one. I blame the lack of water in my system.

Anyway, aside from being a tad on the crazy side in this video, we had a lovely relaxing(ish) day in Banff.
First stop was at the Hot Springs, which is an outdoor pool that is steaming hot. I forgot my swimwear so I rented one of the 1920’s styled swimsuits, man I looked cool. And, thankfully no pictures were taken. After bathing our skin, we then went out for lunch at this cute little coffee bar called Evelyn’s, they were playing Dallas Green in the background. My kind of heaven.

After lunch we drove to Lake Minniewanka, wandered around for a little bit, and then we went on a boat tour! On the way back, we spotted some wildlife which was lovely.

And that’s that! Hope you enjoyed part 6, sorry for being a little crazy, but that’s just who I am.

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