The ‘Before I Turn 40’ Bucket-list

I’m edging closer to 35 this year and I’ve been contemplating writing a ‘Before I turn 40 bucket-list’ for a while.

My thirties have been fairly good so far. Thirty four, flirty and thriving.

I have a gorgeous home, a beautiful emotional support animal, I’ve been to some amazing places in the world, and I have done well in my career, however, with life there is always uncertainty and challenges along the way.

I’ve had numerous challenges with my health and I’ve had the constant battle of trying to have a child for eight or so years, that it’s really taken a toll on me. Although this year we’ve had a break from it all.

Due to my health complications and all the stress with trying to have a child on top of my super demanding job, I sadly had to give up my beloved career last year… but, I have made the decision to work for myself later on this year, in a completely new field.
As well as working for myself, I will also be volunteering for a well known charity once a week.

Any who, in the next five years I have a lot of dreams I’d still like to tick off. Maybe I’m being a bit too optimistic with this list, but, five years is a long time.

20 dreamy goals before I’m 40

  1. Hopefully have a miracle and finally be a mum…
  2. Finish decorating our home – the Summer house being re-built for my business, the kitchen, hallway, second and third bedrooms.
  3. Start my new business later this year (if possible).
  4. Go to the Maldives.
  5. Italian Road/Train Trip.
  6. Go to Malaysia.
  7. Go to Japan.
  8. Go to Iceland in Spring/Summer.
  9. Go road tripping around Norway.
  10. Go to Lisbon.
  11. Re-visit and explore Canada.
  12. Explore more of the U.S: the likes of Austin, Arizona, New Orleans, Florida/Orlando (Last went when I was 12), New York (Haven’t been since 2013).
  13. Go to Costa Rica.
  14. Explore more of the UK: Wales, Ireland & Scotland.
  15. Continue running – I’d like to master a 10k run and maybe do a half a marathon in a year or two.
  16. Prioritise exercise – gym twice a week.
  17. Afternoon Tea at The Ritz.
  18. Write and publish a book.
  19. Go to Wimbledon.
  20. Watch an England football game live (Lionesses or mens).


  1. July 9, 2024 / 3:43 pm

    So exciting to follow along with your adventures! You’re going to crush this bucket list

    Candice x

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