Little Moments of Happiness From The Past Two Months

I’ve been a tad quiet on here while I’ve been binge-watching the Euro’s and Wimbledon. However, I have had some moments of happiness that I thought were worth sharing…

We travelled to Sweden for a few days in May to catch up with some of Joe’s friends and to watch Eurovision as we do every single year. While we were over we went to this really trendy cafe named Zoegas and a quirky restaurant called Pincho’s. Oooh and had amazing pizza at Gorm’s at Copenhagen airport too!

I’ve been seeing more of my nephews lately which has been really nice, one of my nephew’s isn’t pictured. We had the day together, baking cookies, watching anime and having fun in the garden! As well as this, we went to Legoland on another occasion!

I completed my 5k for Race for Life with my neighbour-friend. The event was great, such a lovely encouraging atmosphere to be a part of and all for a great cause.

I think I will be taking part next year as well. Debating whether to do 5k or 10k next time.

Euro’s has been entertaining. I can’t say England have been doing amazingly but they are through to the Quarters and that’s all that matters. Looking forward to the match on Saturday!

Also on a separate note, I’ve finished the book Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow which I rather enjoyed! It’s been really lovely reading in the garden.

Wimbledon has just started this week and I was lucky to get tickets for the men’s semi finals day a little while ago. It’s been a dream of mine to go to Wimbledon ever since I was a little girl, so I’m super happy and excited about going next week!

In other news, I’ve been doing Slimming World for two or so months, I’ve lost 11 and a half pounds in total.

I’ve had a few foodie treats despite being on the Slimming World diet. I don’t like being too restricted with my diet. I’ve had some delicious roasts: some home-made, some at local pubs, as well as home-made lemon poppy-seed pancakes and a Miami brunch at Cassio Lounge in Watford. SO DELICIOUS!

We do have a few events popping up towards mid to end of July, including Wimbledon next week, a solo spa day and a week away in Wales! Not too many plans in for August yet, apart from having a week to myself the first week of August as Joe is at some pop-punk festival abroad.

I’m hoping to book another little holiday to Rome later this year. I’ve been wanting to go back to Italy for such a long time! I was going to have my ‘Zoey in Italy’ moment with a solo hols, but I chickened out as I heard of horror stories of women traveling solo.

Hope everyone is having a nice Summer so far! Anyone got anything fun planned in?


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      July 7, 2024 / 12:13 pm

      Thanks lovely xx

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