New Lush Favourites: BIG Shampoo & Bûche de Noël Cleanser

I slipped and fell into Lush once again… oops! This time I came away with only two items, I really restrained myself as I was eyeing up all the Christmas treats. Oh so hard, believe me!

I picked up BIG the shampoo and Bûche de Noël the facial cleanser. I was after the Sleepy body lotion too, but I couldn’t find it. I’ve written a review on Sleepy the body moisturiser here if you’re interested.

Any who, let’s start with BIG.

I’ve been trying to find the BEST shampoo for my hair, which is quite dry and needs volume too. And, I’ve heard nothing but great things about LUSH’s BIG shampoo, so I thought I’d give it a go.

I recently tried Maui Moisture’s shampoo and conditioner and loved them, however I’m still looking for something that will give me that extra bounce and volume.

LUSH’s BIG does exactly that! It doesn’t make my hair look humongous, it just gives me the right amount of volume.

LUSH describe it as “a volumising shampoo made with seaweed and sea salt.” The salt lifts the hair and adds body, it also softens the hair. Extra virgin coconut oil and protein-rich toothed wrack seaweed is also in the mix. As well as lemon and lime, which make’s my hair super shiny.

How to use? It’s simple, use a small amount on wet hair, work it in well and build lather. Once your hair is full of bubbles, rinse. Afterwards blow dry as normal, alternatively leave it to dry naturally and it’ll look extra volumised!

Secondly I picked up Bûche de Noël the facial cleanser.

Sadly Bûche de Noël is limited edition and only comes out every Christmas. Which is a shame as it’s such a great cleanser.

This year however, they’ve designed it wrapped in seaweed instead of using plastic packaging. Helping the environment and all the jazz.

It’s made with festive mandarin, cranberry, sweet almond essential oil and a drop of brandy to give you that ‘elfy glow.

It has some great benefits, the ground almonds help to buff and brighten the skin, as well as creating a skin softening milk when mixed with water.
LUSH also use Fair Trade organic cocoa butter which soothes and moisturises the skin.

How to use? Pinch off a piece of cleanser and mix to a paste with a little water. Massage onto wet skin and rinse away. Best used fresh and to be used within 28 days.

So, that’s two of my favourite LUSH bits I’ve been loving lately.

What’s your favourite LUSH product? Let me know in the comments below! As I’d love to check them out.

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