Venice Bucket List

Venice has always been on my bucket list, away from the hustle and bustle of cars and trains. The city that gets by by travelling by foot or by boat. A unique city to say the least.

During our time in Venice, we indulged in heavenly foods – I had the best savoury crepe of my life, we visited the colourful houses in Burano and also got lost a fair few times.

So, I’ve put together a bucket list if you’re on your way to visit Venice or just fancied a read.

1) Indulge in gelato at Ca d’ oro Gelateria.
If there’s one thing that the Italians do right, it’s their gelato!

2) Enjoy a crepe at Cocaeta.
I honestly had the best crepe of my life at Cocaeta. Joe and I shared a chicken and pesto one and then had a sweet one with banana and nutella, so damn good!

3) Visit the colourful houses in Burano.
Burano is breathtakingly beautiful and was the highlight of our trip. From the colourful houses, the gorgeous food (Riva Rosa) and wandering around. A must see if you’re planning on coming to Venice.

4) Wander through the streets of Venice without using a map.
Venice has so much beauty hidden in the streets, we walked around the whole of Venice within a day (without using a map) and loved every single second of it!

5) Sip an espresso like the Italians do… and people watch while doing so.
Try Torrefazione Cannaregio – a cute coffee shop located in the centre of Venice! The croissants were amazing – especially the Nutella-style chocolate and the almond ones. And, their coffee is delicious and surprisingly cheap. €1.30 for a cappuccino – Bargain!

Also, an important thing to note – this coffee shop is standing room only. The locals stay by the counter long enough to drink their espressos. Take away isn’t an option (like most Venetian coffee shops), so if you opt during busy times of the day for a coffee that takes a little longer to drink, you may end up having to squeeze yourself to the end of the counter to get out of everyone else’s way.

6) Drink wine like a local!
Visit Osteria Al Cicheto! After walking around the city all day, this was the perfect place to unwind with a glass of wine or two. We also had two desserts here – the panacotta and tiramisu – both amazing!

7) Eat pizza at Vineria all’Amarone.
The pizza’s were delicious and the wine was superb. I loved the Pinot! And really reasonably priced too!

8) Check out the night life at Bar al parlamento.
Joe and I visited here twice during our stay in Venice. The first time was at night during happy hour. It was really busy but we had a great time. €5 cocktails, a bowl of crisps and two toasties around €5 each.

The second time we came during the day and had two pizzas and wine! Pizzas were delicious! Around €8 each.

And most of all, do what you feel like! It’s your trip, enjoy every minute of it!

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