The Santorini Travel Guide

Santorini has always been somewhere that I’ve dreamed of going, from the cobbled streets to the beautiful blue dommed churches. I was lucky enough to go this May, which was perfect weather wise.

So, let’s get in to the guide shall we.

Where to stay: Estate 1896 Suites located in Pyrgos. We stayed in a cute little apartment in Pyrgos which is in the middle of the island. A great town for places to eat. As well as the infamous Santo Winery being a short ten minute walk away.

Where to eat: as mentioned above Pyrgos is a fantastic location for places to eat. You have to check out Kantouni and try the grilled meats platter, you also get free pannacotta to finish off your meal nicely, Brusco next door is great for drinks, Cava Alta is amazing for seafood, Metaxy Mas Tavern a great spot for lunch (and free cheesecake) and the Pyrgos Restaurant had the most incredible lamb dishes.

If you’re heading towards one of the beaches, I’d highly recommend stopping by Tranquilo located on Perissa beach. We had the most amazing chicken and mango salad and the cocktails were fab too!

One of my favourite meals of the trip was a salmon pesto pasta dish I had at Rastoni in the capitol Fira. Joe also had the best chicken ceaser salad here.

And last but by no means least, you have to grab a bite to eat in Oia. I highly recommend King Neptune, Joe and I both had salads and loved them. For dessert do try Lolita’s Gelato, the ice-cream is so creamy and delicious! Try the lemon sorbet, pistachio and caramel flavours, so good!

What to do: a highlight of the trip was spending our last day at Santo Winery. We booked an evening slot (7:15pm) and stayed there till closing. Watching the sun set and tasting 16 varieties of wine was heavenly and an experience I’ll always remember. Not to mention the food was great too, do try the mini lamb burgers and the cheese platter.

Hire an ATV bike or a car to get around the island! Santorini is a small island and you can whizz around to the top of the island in under an hour. Joe and I hired an ATV bike and had so much fun. We had the freedom to go where we wanted on each day and got to explore each unique town too.

Another must is to see the beautiful iconic sunset in Oia! The sun sets around 8:20pm and it’s stunning, utterly stunning.  Though, beware that it does get incredibly busy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and this gives you a little inspo when visiting dreamy Santorini.

If you’ve got any recommendations of places to go on the beautiful Santorini island, please leave them in the comments below for my lovely readers.

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