Revival Masque: “The Facelift in a Jar”

The Revival Masque! “A facelift in a jar.” Environ’s Revival Masque is possibly one of my favourite masque’s of all time – well it’s definitely up there in my top 5!

I love face masks and there’s no better feeling than taking off your make-up after a long hard day at work. There’s something about face masks that instantly lift your mood and you feel like a bit of a pamper princess for about twenty minutes, heaven.

Environ’s Revival Masque is a bit like a gel like masque, you only need to apply a small amount to your face, and it will set like a gel like paste. You can leave it on for 15 minutes or leave it on overnight – once you’re skin is accustomed to it.

What’s great about the revival masque is that it really is a “facelift in a jar”, it instantly tightens, reduces pores and blemishes. Also makes them heal faster and brighten’s the skin, leaving you with gorgeous glowy skin.

I love the feeling leaving this on over-night – my skin always looks radiant and glowy the following morning. It’s amazing and cannot rate it highly enough!

Have you tried Environ’s Revival Masque?

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