Let’s All Be Kind

I found myself getting lost in a good old book recently. T’was a book on kindness, the little thing that matters the most.

Long story short, I was in hospital. My health was at an all time low, and so I found myself reading this book and found myself nodding along to every single point. I almost burst into tears reading some chapters – emotional wreck, I know.

It was beautifully written, relatable and I held it very close to my chest while in hospital. I was protecting it with dear life. This book has been through the wars – it’s battered and bruised but still remains intact.

Jaime Thurston, the author of ‘Kindness’, is also the founder of ’52 lives’ – an incredible charity that helps someone in the world that is in a crisis – this happens every single week. It touches on acts of kindness – helping those in need, where friends, family and even strangers can donate clothes, food, toys, kitchenware, gift vouchers and much much more. It’s such a lovely idea and I will help to donate to 52 lives at some point soon.

I also loved the idea of  the ‘Pay for Two‘ chapter, “if you can afford a little bit extra, consider buying two things instead of one as you go about your day.”

One day in Canada, at a Tim Hortons drive-thru, a lady brought her coffee and the stranger behind her’ order.  This continued about 226 times in a three hour kindness spree. It’s such a lovely idea. So, Pay for two if you can afford it. These random acts of kindness cost nothing but happiness and knowing that you’ve done a good deed for the day.

Another chapter that I adored was “Be kind to unkind people“. When someone is unkind to you, it’s tempting to stoop to their level. But much like kindness breeds kindness, hate breeds hate.
It’s the reason we often feel worse after an argument – being unkind, or being around unkindness, it brings us down. If someone is being rude or angry, try to respond with kindness. It can change people’s attitudes and help them see the world as a lovely place again.
Choosing to fight unkindness with kindness will also have a positive effect on your own well-being, so you have nothing to lose!

The last chapter says to “give a copy of this book” so I’m sharing it with you, my lovely blog community. Pick it up and give it a read. It will (I hope) change your way of thinking or make you realise deep down that kindness is everything and is the thing that matters most in life.

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