Lunching at Farm Girl

Farm girl, a blogger’s brunch favourite, what’s all the fuss about? 
I have been eyeing up pretty rose latte’s and cute french bull dog stencils on coffees on a few of my favourite bloggers Instagram’s, so whilst I was browsing around Notting Hill last Friday, I finally popped into Farm Girl.
I can understand why it’s a blogger’s hotspot, everything is very cute and Instagrammable. And, who doesn’t want a pretty latte picture?









This gorgeous little cafe has lots of healthy gluten free breakfast and brunch options, from avocado on toast, acai bowl, sandwiches and salads. They also have some pretty quirky latte’s! On the menu, they have options such as a ‘Rose Latte’, which is a rose infused milk with rose petals sprinkles, a ‘Liquid Gold Latte’ with Turmeric, cinnamon, astralagus and honey. As well as a ‘Charcoal Latte’ with charcoal, date syrup and cashew milk, as well as a few ‘Matcha latte’s’ which you could chose from pink, green and blue! I wanted to try them all as they sounded so bizarre!
I ordered a ‘Rose Latte’ and ‘Pink Salad’, which was a lovely watermelon, cucumber, seaweed and chopped kale dish dressed in honey mustard and raspberry vinaigrette. Joe had ‘Oven Baked Eggs’, a Turkish styled egg dish baked in tomato, red pepper and parsley sauce, and a cappuccino on the side.
As lovely as the presentation looked, the ‘Rose Latte’ actually tasted horrid… well some may beg to differ, but I found the rose too overpowering. However, the ‘Pink Salad’ was lovely and refreshing. The perfect summery lunch. Joe also enjoyed his egg dish as it was a little different to what he would usually get!
Have you popped into Farm Girl? What are your thoughts on the latte’s? Yay or nay? Leave a comment below.
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