Where To Eat In London #3: Hotel Chocolat & Burger and Lobster

Hello, bonjour, hola. Today I’m coming at ya with a London foodie inspired post where I ramble a little bit about my favourite places to go to in L-town. 
Let’s dive straight in and talk about Burger & Lobster.
We went to the Holborn branch for my husband’s 30th birthday and had a cracking time. We both went big and indulged in the burger and lobster combo. It was fairy pricey at £32, but it was sooo good and oh so worth it! They do have lighter options too, where you can choose between a lobster or burger dish if you’re not mega hungry.

Also, I can’t believe I had gone twenty seven years of my life without trying lobster. I’ve been missing out!
I had mine grilled and it was cooked to perfection, and it came with the most incredible sauce. Mhmmm.

So yes, if you’re in central L-town, I would highly recommend popping in. If you have a large group then I would recommend booking in advance. You can click here to see all locations.


If you live in London or are planning to visit for the day, you must check out Hotel Chocolat’s cafe on Monmouth Street. They do the best hot chocolates – you can choose from chilli, milk, dark and white! Just look at that mouthwatering whipped cream in the snap above… Seriously what dreams are made of…
(Joe’s face says it all!)
I opted for the milk option and I can honestly say that was one of the BEST hot chocolate’s I’ve ever had in my life. Joe went for chilli and he said it was amazing too.

Just a little heads up, there aren’t many tables inside. There are only four small round tables, but most people take there’s away or people tend to stay for ten minutes and leave. So if you hang about for a few extra minutes, you will definitely get a spot.If you enjoyed this little read, you may also like my last where to eat in London post, focusing on Dishoom and Workshop Coffee.  And my first feature on London Grind and Honest Burger.

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