Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask Review

There are hundreds of face masks out there that I’m yet to discover, however, today I’ll be focusing on the lovely Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask. This was one of my favourite discoveries from 2016… and still a firm favourite in 2017.
I picked this up around August last year and I know this post is long over-due but better late than never right? That’s usually my excuse for everything… ha. Anyway, I trialled and tested this for months and months and it’s the face mask I always go back to. I bloody love it, it’s my holy grail hydrating face mask which I use every single week without a doubt. Even my husband loves it… he’s going to hate me for writing that!
I have never actually tried any of Antipodes products before, but I have always heard great things and this face mask has been hyped up quite a far bit on the interwebs, so I wanted to give it a go.
Let me start by saying I love all things manuka honey related, it has wonderful benefits for the skin and body, one being incredible for treating blemishes or acne prone skin as it has anti-bacterial properties. Manuka honey is ridiculously expensive to buy here in England as I was browsing my local supermarket the other day and I saw one single jar going for £20. It had a security tag on it too which did make me giggle.
As well as manuka honey, it also has something called ‘Pohutukawa Extract’ inside, which personally I haven’t heard of before, but it has been said to be deeply conditioning and moisturising, whilst providing antioxidant and antiseptic benefits. Fab stuff.
Let’s move on to the formula and what it’s like. It’s quite an unusual texture and mask – not like the tradition clay masks that dry rock solid and are a pain in the butt to remove. It’s more of a creamy moisturising gel consistency which goes onto your cleansed skin like a moisturiser and then you leave to set for 15 minutes. I am really generous with the amount I put onto my skin, I slather a thick layer on, the more the better.

The smell is also divine by the way, I think that’s why me and my other half love it so much. It’s so sweet, you just want to eat it!Anyway, once removed with a warm muslin cloth, it leaves your skin feeling super soft and hydrated. It feels cleansed and all kinds of lovely warm fuzzy feelings.

What really impress’s me with this face mask is that whenever I have a devil of a spot creep up on my face out of no-where, after using this the spot reduces massively the next day and helps it go off on it’s way out.

As well as this, it has lasted me ages, more than six months and there is still so much product in the tube, which is great! Although, I should probably buy a new one as you shouldn’t keep skincare for over six months or so I was told. But this is great for people like me who want to share products with my friends or my other half.

It’s the perfect weekly pampering treat. A great healer for those pesky spots. And great to use all year round to keep your skin lovely and hydrated. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it!

I love trying new products, especially face masks! If there are any other similar ones you’d think I’d like, then please leave them in the comments below :).As always you can reach me on social media. I have Instagram: @zoeyoliviablog, and twitter: @zoeyoliviablog.

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